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Top 5 Tuesday: School Supplies

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I am a TOTAL NERD when it comes to school supplies. Dude, walking through Staples gives me a high. I just love pens, paper, binders, etc. My mom always used to buy a lot when we were younger and then we'd "shop" once we got our supply lists from our teachers.

Sadly, I am no longer in school (until I find another extension/certification I want to get!) and won't be buying school supplies. Insert sad face here! But being that I am a teacher, I will always have an excuse to love them. So here are my top 5 school supply items:

1. Planner

I am ALL about writing down assignments, due dates, birthdays, etc in my planner. Whenever I got a syllabus, I would write down all the assignments and color code with a highlighter for each class. Course this stunk when the professor changed dates but having everything in front of me helped a lot. I did not use an Erin Condren planner in college (HS they gave us one and college I bought them myself from Target) but I am excited for the one I ordered to get here. Should be here by Friday!

2. Post Its

Another life saver! I still use these by putting reminders on my mirror using them, flagging bills, etc. Plus they come in so many colors that make looking at assignments bright & cheery! One good use I found for them when writing papers that needed quotes was the tabbed ones because then I could flip right back to it, plus sometimes I wrote notes on them.

3. Notebooks

I was NEVER able to have one big notebook for school. Each class had to have their own notebook and own folder. It made my life easier that all the papers for each class were together. I also do not like wide ruled notebooks or paper. I need the college ruled lined paper/notebooks.

4. Highlighters

They are a life saver! Each class was color coded so I knew when I had a quiz/test in a class. Birthdays were in another color. They were also helpful with color coding my classes when I student taught. I bought a ten pack (I think) last year of the retractable ones by Sharpie and LOVE them!

5. Big bag!

I stopped using a backpack after I think my first semester of college and used a tote bag. I used a Vera messenger bag for awhile in college. When I started student teaching, the Vera Bradley "Vera" bag was my bag of choice. So many pockets on in the inside AND outside. I love the fun colors and was able to switch them a few times while student teaching...because I just have that many.

Thank goodness I am a teacher because I get to buy school supplies forever. :-D

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