Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Friday! Friday!

Gotta get down on Friday! A little Rebecca Black anyone?! Ha! As annoying as that song is, it sure is catchy. Thank goodness it is the weekend! :)

I feel like this has been the longest day ever and I am quite content to be staying in tonight, laying in my bed, and watching Law & Order SVU marathon with this sexy man on it (*drool* I miss him)

My precious goddaughter got sick at school on Wednesday so I picked her up and stayed with her til her mom (my SIL) got home. She stayed home with her yesterday but they couldnt keep taking days. So my brother asked if I could watch her today. I had no problem, except that I had to be at work at 12. My brother Brian was home today so he came over afterwards to take over so I could go to work. And by watch her, I mean my niece stayed in her parents' bed and watched TV all morning while I got to watch old episodes of 16& Pregnant. Classiness all around.

Work was super slow today so I am glad I am working tomorrow night. I actually prefer to work at night. After work, I got to have coffee with this lovely lady and catch up on our lives! I probably haven't seen her in at least a year because she was living/working in Florida and moved back home over the summer. She's fantastic and I can't wait to see her more!

So, I finally made it to the gym yesterday after joining online on Monday. Go me! Lol. I kept putting it off and what good was it going to do me. I actually like this gym (I joined Planet Fitness) because no one from my high school goes there (that I know)...only a few co-workers. But it looks tiny from the outside but it is HUGE on the inside! Bonus is I can take a route that I'll pass it on my way to/from work. I only did the treadmill and bike yesterday to "ease" myself back into working out. My legs felt like jello! Ha! I want to go back to the gym tomorrow at like 11 or 12ish before work (have to be there at 4) because my co-worker Skye told me to go with her and Sarah (another co-worker). I think I will. My boyfriend and I are gonna go on Sunday after I get out of work....that should be interesting! I am in need of some new tunes for "workout playlist." What are some of your favorite songs to work out to?! Slow and fast are good! :O)

Tonight, I officially put in my request online at work on the website that sends us our schedules for my cruise! YES! I am beyond excited! It orders the requests like 1 of 1 and such and since it is in May, I highly doubt anyone has requested off that far in advance yet. The more I think about it, the more excited I am. I feel like I would wanna sleep in (it's vacation) but I do NOT want to miss out on the sights! The boyfriend has already been warned that I will have a separate bag for any extra souvenirs I buy! :)

It is probably weird that I look at other blogs and like what they have to say, follow them, comment and then find more blogs to read. Stalkerish? Weird? I guess both. I love seeing new followers. I love comments. I'm not a blogger for the followers. I like blogging as my creative outlet! :)

Also, why is shopping for bathing suits so frustrating? When Shannon and I ventured into Target yesterday (I swear I can *always* find something to buy in that store!) to look for work pants for me, we tried on bathing suits. There was this leopard print one I liked, but the butt was rouched. Umm, weird? I am tempted to venture to Kohl's (cause it's always a sales day at Kohl's!) and look at their selection before I order from VS.

Who watches Teen Mom 2? Don't lie. Raise yo hand! I swear, it is like a trainwreck that you can't take your eyes off of. I loveeeeee how Jennelle complains her mom never lets her see her son (best decision she ever made was signing over custody to her mom) but when her mom asks her to get out of bed to watch him, she claims she can't. Lazy much? Also, she is always in fights or getting arrested. TMZ had fantastic pictures of her in shackles the other day. It's sad that this is what has happened to her. I am going to say that Chelsea and Kailyn are the only ones on this one that seem to have their act together.

I am always looking for new authors/books to add to my list. I keep adding all these freebie Kindle books I find incase I want to read them. I also liked two of my favorite authors, Emily Giffin and Jodi Picoult, on Facebook. Low and behold, I saw Emily Giffin has a new book coming out in July called Where We Belong. I can't WAIT to read it!

I am off to go shop online for "cruise-wear." Aka cute outfits for the Bahamas! I am even more excited to take my boyfriend shopping because his style/taste in clothes is ehhhh (I'm talking t-shirt, jeans, hoodie EVERY time) and he needs to look good!

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