Monday, January 16, 2012

Well, I did it!

Okay, I did it. Finally bit the bullet. I joined the gym. Planet Fitness to be exact. I am not sure what my excuse was so long for procrastinating. I actually requested a gym membership for Christmas but didn't get it. I was a member of a gym until I hurt my back at work and had to go to physical therapy for it. You could actually join over the internet. While I realize it is probably packed now with all the people working on their New Year's resolution,hopefully it'll stop soon! I don't want to join and then not use it because that's a waste of $. Plus, with going on the cruise in May, I need to look hot in that bikini! So, here's to hoping this goes well! I am going to go use it tomorrow...let's hope I don't die!

One of the things I would like to work on this year is not letting stupid things get to me. A customer gave me a $10 tip today at work and the other host wanted to split it. I was told I didn't have to split it but she didn't agree and told another manager (who wasn't there when it happened). Basically, the whole situation blew up out of proportion, I cried because I was either PMSing or just super emotional and I essentially gave in to give her the $5 so she would stop talking about it....but threw it at her, which yes I know was not right. I just think if she really felt that way she should have said something earlier and not after the manager left (which is my fault I guess since I said it after the manager left). I realize (and so does she) that the whole situation is stupid (I mean really, over $5 u are going to make a stink when you'll get more tips that night serving) but we both agreed to forget it, stop talking about it and move on. I was more than willing to go home because it wasn't busy (I was going to go home at 7 anyway, 6 if it wasnt busy and I left at 5) and I felt like crap. My neck has been bothering me much I cried the entire 20 minute drive home. I used a heating pad and Advil when I came home but it still hurts. I took a muscle relaxer a little while ago so hopefully that will stop it. I dont know why I am having these pains all of a sudden.

I admit....watching this show is one of my guilty pleasures.

So when this video of a little beauty pageant queen came up on my Facebook newsfeed, I spent the two minutes watching it. Oh my word it is HYSTERICAL! I can safely say when I have children (and hopefully daughters) I will not force them to do beauty pageants.

And seriously, I want to go to Staples. I love office/school supplies. I get a little "high"/energy from them. Like I am a pen hoarder! I don't know what it is but I just love roaming the school supplies aisle in Target/Wal-Mart/K-Mart/anywhere that has them. Lord help me when I have a classroom!

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  1. I'm addicted to that show also!

    And that's stupid about the hostess!