Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Okay! Thursdays!

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It's still be in pajamas at 12:45pm! I did so much yesterday I really just need to focus on cleaning my room.

It's enjoy grocery shopping at age 25 (my mom hates it!) and want to have a coupon binder. Hey, free stuff is great and all that money I save is wonderful!

It's ok...that I am EXCITED beyond measure to see Beauty & The Beast in 3D tomorrow with my four friends that I went to Disney with last year. Seriously, we're all in our 20's and are going to be singing at the top of our lungs. Sorry to anyone that ends up in our theater!

It's just be starting on watching Glee. I know, what is my problem?! Olivia is going to Puerto Rico with her boyfriend next week and is lending me her DVDs!

It's just want to go spend the $100 to get that darn iphone as opposed to waiting til April. Thanks to the waitress at TGIFriday's for really messing up my phone. Ugh. I just need to get my butt out to Verizon and ask them what they can do.

It's wish I could live in the South. I feel like I am a Southern girl at heart!

It's be obsessed with Jenna Marbles. She is HYSTERICAL. I love all her videos. Check out her latest one: Why Girls Hate Each Other.

It's vent about how much your boyfriend was whining the other night to your girlfriends because they can totally sympathize! I had a much needed GNO last night with Shannon and Olivia!

It's eat Combos dipped in french onion sauce, cream cheese, etc. No, they were not combined but it was SO yummy. And these are my new favorite:

It's want to go back to Target (or maybe Wal-Mart) and buy a new alarm clock because the one you had since college (almost 7 years) randomly dies on you. I have to play around with it but I think it's dunzo. And I need a new one stat because I need three alarm clocks to wake myself up!

It's be addicted to Diet Dr.Pepper Cherry. And when you mix it with Swedish Fish Flavored vodka, SCORE!

It's have so many books you want to read. I need to start "The Hunger Games" ASAP!


  1. I so want to go see Beauty and The Beast in 3D.. Like Now :)

  2. I want to see Beauty and the Beast soo bad!

  3. Wait, WHAT? There is Swedish Fish Flavored vodka?!?!?! I NEED TO FIND THIS NOW!

  4. I got my iPhone early and had to pay a bit extra... but it's been one of the best purchases of all time :) Enjoy it!

  5. OMG I cannot wait for Beauty and the Beast either!!!

  6. Diet cherry dr pepper is awesome!
    New followers and new bloggers!

  7. I totally have plans to see Beauty and the Beast too. I cannot wait to see it on the big screen!

  8. ah have you ever seen extreme couponing?! it's one of my guilty pleasures! they have crazyy binders for coupons!!

    1. Elena, totally love that show! I am NO WHERE NEAR that crazy but did see people in the store today with their binders! hehe.