Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday y'all! Why does this week feel like it is dragging by?

Time to link up with Jamie and show what you're loving this week! :)

I'm loving the movie "The Help." Yes,I have mentioned it before but my mom and I saw it when it was in theaters. I asked for it for Christmas and got it and popped it in my computer as I wrapped all the Christmas ornaments to put away. Now if I could only finish the book!! (Half-way done!)

I'm loving that tonight Shannon, Olivia and I will be having some much needed girly conversations, dinner, drinks, and just hanging out. Who would have known that all three of us going to college would become best friends and live within a 15 minute drive from each other? :)

I'm loving that Dance Moms came back last night! The teacher on the show is absolutely crazy but it makes for some good reality TV. Thank goodness I went to a dance studio where the director was NOT like that. Tune in to Lifetime at 9pmEST on Tuesdays if you wanna check this out!

I'm loving that this will be mine...soon. I am trying so hard to wait to renew my contract and upgrade to this in April because it's only $100 with a 2 year contract. But texting on my Blackberry is becoming a nightmare!

I'm loving Jodi Picoult has a new book coming out soon. She's my favorite author.

I'm loving this quote by Walt Disney. It's my philosophy in life.

I'm loving that I am DETERMINED to have all that Christmas decor packed up and away by tonight (tomorrow AM if necessary). It's a big pain to do when no one helps and quite depressing but it'll be nice not to have the boxes taking over the living room.


  1. I have GOT to go see The Help! I've only heard great things about it! And I just got our Christmas stuff up too!


  2. Stopping in from WILW! Ooooh my gosh, texting on my Blackberry is a nightmare too! First it just started with the o button, which god stuck always so when I wanted one o I would get six. Then it was the e, now the u. And! The main control buttons barely work anymore!

    But my lovely boyfriend found his old iPhone and gave it to me! So I soon will also be leaving sucky blackberry texting behind. :)

    Also! I just found out Jodi Piccoult is writing a book for teens (my fav type of book even though I'm not a teen anymore). So exciting!

    Happy Wednesday :)

  3. The Help is one of the best movies I have ever seen!! And I definitely have to check out Dance Moms! Looks addictive! xoxo!