Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone! Are you excited that it is almost the weekend? I am...because maybe I will finally be able to sleep in soon! Ha!

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I'm loving this proposal video from YouTube. I stumbled upon it last night on a blog I discovered and I think it is SO adorable! I got tears in my eyes watching it and hope I one day get engaged/marry a man this creative!

I'm loving this new print from Vera Bradley. They released their spring colors last Thursday and this one is called "Island Blooms." I am totally getting a hipster (cross-body bag) in this print for my cruise! It is so fun and bright.

I'm loving that I have been going to the gym! Three times in the last week. While I should go every day, my muscles are somewhat sore and I don't want to make it worse than it is. I went with Amanda on Monday and we did weight machines. I was going to go today but I need to desperately go get a manicure and if my nail place is closed again today (they were yesterday I think for chinese new year), I dont know if I can wait a week.

I'm loving this weather! Even though it snowed on Saturday, it got up to 57 degrees yesterday! For January, that is pretty wonderful! This makes me delighted and hopefully we will not have any more snow this winter. :)

I'm loving all the movies that will be coming out soon that look good! Here are the ones I want to see:

I'm loving this quote because I find it to be totally true:

I'm loving "The Hunger Games." I'm reading it slowly on my kindle (I'm at like 4 or 5% haha) but it gives me chills every time I read it!

I'm loving that I am ordering an 8GB memory card for my camera from amazon for like $20! I asked the boyfriend how many pictures it should hold because I wanted to get an extra one for the cruise instead of bringing the laptop...he said 1500! SCORE! Thanks Amazon for having it like $40 cheaper than Best Buy!

I'm loving that for my CST teaching test on Feb 18th, I got the afternoon time slot. So I don't have to be there at 7am because let's face it, I am not a morning person!

What are all of you loving this week?!


  1. I am dyyyying to see the Vow!! It looks SO good!

  2. you have the cutest blog!! Loving the new Vera pattern and can't wait to see some of those movies as well! Stopping by from WILW. have a wonderful week! xo

  3. wow, now that I'm all teary from that SWEET SWEET video!! oh my word. What a proposal!

  4. The Vow looks sooooo good! And I hear One for the Money will be good, but I must read the book first. And I want to read Hunger Games. Guess I better get my butt to the library! :)