Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sometimes speaking up works

I have never been a person to complain about a class or a professor to anyone at a college. As in lodging a formal complaint. I was at New Paltz for four years and I only fought with a professor once from my French Lit after 1800 class because she didn't show up the day of my presentation (no email or anything). I then got sick and missed class (of course emailing her) and my friend Christina in the class told me the professor was making me do a new presentation which was SO NOT NECESSARY. Fought tooth and nail and got to do the original one. That's it.

Studied abroad for a semester at the Universidad de Sevilla and had no problems.

When I started grad school, I chose Dowling based on their reputation for a good education program. I chose it because I could finish the program faster than I could at Stonybrook. It was going to cost me a buttload in loans because Dowling is a private school and Stonybrook is a state school. However, I was willing to take the risk. I was so determined I took a winter class in January 2010, three classes that spring semester, a summer course, 4 courses and part time student teaching in Fall 2010 and finished in May 2011. A total of a year and a half.

Towards the end, my classmates and I were informed we could take four Special Education classes and the autism workshop along with the Students with Disabilities CST for certification and get a Special Education certification. With this job market, you want to be as marketable as possible so of course I did it! I took two classes over the summer and two in the fall, one of which was the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. The professor was completely unprofessional. I know as students its easy to get bored, get distracted by your iPhone, Blackberry, etc in class and text. But to text/play on your phone while a student is presenting and NOT EVEN MAKE EYE CONTACT? Rude rude rude rude. When students asked for help on the final project (which was writing an IEP), she was like "Well I guess I can give you a set of scores." Umm, if we are not in a school and these are confidential, how in the world do you expect us to get them?! Ugh.

So when I received an email last night from the Dean of the School of Education about why I hadn't registered for spring classes, I explained why and then wrote a really long message about the class. I didn't mention the teacher's name in the email but I guess it showed him how pissed off I was because he forwarded it to the Dean/Director of Special Education and if necessary, she'll contact me. I'm glad I didn't chicken out because they need to know how horrible this professor was. It was a COMPLETE waste of $3000 for the glass (grad classes are like $900+ a credit!) and my time. I hope to hear from the Special Education chair and something is done about this!

Well, now that I spent three hours of my way watching movies as I boxed the Christmas decorations up, I am off to go shove them in the attic!

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