Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's Okay! Thursdays

Welcome to the first Thursday of 2012! Hope it is treating y'all well.

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It's Ok....I am still loving the MK bag my brother Brian gave me for Christmas. Obsessed would be the perfect word to describe it. The funniest thing is I saw it in Macy's the Thursday before Christmas and was like "This is the next bag I want to buy." Kudos to an awesome brother for buying me an AWESOME bag (he's single ladies and can pick out great things...his future wife is going to be one lucky lady!)

It's Ok...that I am sitting in my PJ's still watching episodes of "Wife Swap" that I recorded last night while I was at work. If I was married and had kids, I would TOTALLY have wanted to be on that show. I miss it. Wish they would bring it back.

It's Ok....that I am a wee bit excited about my Erin Condren planner coming. Wish I had of ordered it earlier and it hasn't shipped yet. I keep checking my emails for the shipping confirmation. I am a nerd when it comes to school supplies!

It's already be thinking about all the cute outfits I get to shop for to wear on my cruise in May!! Oh my word so much luggage will be coming with me!

It's be ready to BEAST the Content Speciality Test for my teaching license on 2/18. Why does New York make it so difficult to be a teacher?! I missed passing last time by four points. Good thing is it takes most people 2-3 times before they pass. Let's hope the third time is the charm!

It's have Jersey Shore set up to be recording on the DVR tonight. Not ashamed AT ALL. :)

It's want to move to the South. I ADORE Georgia. Seriously. Almost as much as NY but it doesn't snow as often there as it does here!

It's be like a 5 year old and be REALLY excited for Beauty & The Beast in 3D next week! Aside from 101 Dalmatians, it truly is my favorite Disney Movie (along with The Lion King).


  1. New Follower! :) I love Georgia too! And it IS okay... i'm excited for B&TB 3D also!!

  2. I can't wait to go see Beauty and The Beast. It's one of my favorites!

  3. Thats so awesome that your going on a cruise in May! :) I've always wanted to go on one and hope to go soon!
    I hope you find some nice outfits!