Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bachelor Recap

Last night was the third episode of this season of "The Bachelor" with Ben. I watched it with my mom since I was home from work and let's face it, this season is sort of a SNOOZEFEST. I just watch it because I can't help it!

I really can't stand Ben's long locks. I mean, it just makes me want to run up and cut it or shave it back. I would feel like I am dating a girl if I was in the girl's shoes. I don't even like when my boyfriend's hair gets really long...I'll tell him to go get it cut (oops!). Look at this:

And okay, let's see about week 2 because I never did that. They all went to Ben's hometown in Sonoma, CA. I had no idea he was a California boy. Kasey B got the first one-on-one date of the episode and while I love her and her Southern accent, I think she is very naive. Like yes, you may feel like "the luckiest girl in the world" but there are a bunch of others ready to claw you out! She is still my favorite.

Then, the group date was next. Umm, what in the word was Blakely thinking with that outfit? I roared when one of the little kids thought it was bad! They acted out a play written by a bunch of little kids, which was kind of cute. I don't think they have ever done that before.

When Courtney got the one-on-one date as in the second one, I wanted to vomit. I think she is one of the fakest girls on the show and didn't deserve it. Gag. Her eyebrows bother me! I want to go pluck them so so so bad! She makes fun of others when they get one-on-one dates or express their feelings. I REALLY hope she isnt the one Ben picks in the end. And if she is, I hope they break up!

I was really sad to see the crazy blogger Jenna leave. Oh no more crying in a corner from her! But don't worry...Blakely can continue that for you!

Let's move on to this week:
Emily, the epidemiologist, got the first one-on-one date. I think aside from rooting for Kasey B and Lyndzi C, she is one of my other favorites. And they had a perfectly "normal" date with climbing the San Francisco Bridge. HOLY CRAP - I would NOT have done that! I was watching it with my mom and she asked me would I have done that. A) I would not risk my life and B) I have a deathly fear of heights. I am wondering how they got down (what did they walk back down?) but I am glad she got a rose!

The group date in San Fran with skiing was cute! The people on the side of the street must have thought these chicks and Ben were freakshows. It is kind of sad that Brittany, aka the chick that brought her Grandma on night 1, left. I think they made it way more dramatic then necessary but still. I wish Lyndzi C got the one-on-one date originally and not secondary once Brittany left. She is so cute together with Ben!

Okay, and what in the world was with Shawntel coming back? I thought she was a "freak" when she was on Brad's season but still.....did she really think coming back she'd be able to steal a rose from one of the other girls? I would have brought my cat claws out if I was there. Thankfully Ben was actually smart and did not give her a rose. Infact, it came down to her, Erica and Jaclyn and he just did not give out the final rose. Oh, and that was after Eric almost passed out. Then Jaclyn ran off and cried in the bathroom. What is with all the cry babies? Can't wait to see what happens next week!

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