Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday y'all! It's the middle of the week, almost the weekend, and oh, the sun is shining! Perfect! Link up with Jamie to show what you're loving this fine Wednesday!

1. I'm loving that I finally joined the gym! Wahoo! Now, the only mission is to get there, ha! I know it's one step to getting that bikini body I want for the cruise in May. :)

2. I'm loving my Erin Condren life planner. Oh it is so wonderful and SO WORTH the $50 I spent on it. My mother would have a heart attack if she knew but I like writing everything down. Helps me remember appointments, when I have work (which I also sync to my phone) etc. So worth it. I love that they also sent a $10 coupon that never expires which I plan on saving for the one I order for 2013! :)

3. I'm loving this video. If I marry some guy and he did this at our wedding, it would only confirm that he is the one for me! It's so adorable you have to watch! :)

4. I'm loving that there's only little less than a month now until this movie, "The Vow" comes out! I love Rachel McAdams and I cannot wait to see her and Channing Tatum together in it. Shannon, Olivia and I have already planned a Girl's Night Out to see this! LOOKS SO GOOD!

5. I'm loving that my niece/goddaughter Sara is taking after her Aunt and doing dance! Love this girl so much! This is her ballet number from the recital last year (I stumbled upon it on the studio's website). She's the one in the middle! :)

6. I'm loving that it has NOT snowed yet in New York this winter! :) Because who wants to go through this again this winter?


  1. I can't wait to see The Vow. Yay for hitting the gym, I really need tondo the same.

  2. Stopping by from WILW- good for you for going to the gym, that's great!

  3. oh man i cannot wait to see "the vow"!! i love anything rachel mcadams is in :)

  4. We joined the gym a few weeks ago. It takes some motivation to get there to first few times - but it does get easier. YOU CAN DO IT!!!