Monday, January 16, 2012

Um hello winter?

Let's face it. I am not a winter weather loving person. Sure, the clothes are cute. And as a future teacher, if I live in a state where kids (and teachers) will wish for snow days, that is an added bonus. What is not an added bonus? The frigid cold weather! I really should not be complaining since it was warm out on Christmas, but come on! I was not happy with myself that I left my gloves *in* my car last night so when it was sitting outside for 9 hours in the cold, they were like iceboxes! If we do not have any snow (or very minimal) this winter, I will be a happy camper.

Going back to work after a week off was not so bad but I was glad to have a week off from the rude people. Seriously, did you not learn manners when you were little? I love how people can't simply read the sign on the front door that tell the hours. It's 11:40 and we open at noon on Sundays so, no we will not sit you until noon. Stop being mean to us. And because you're sitting at the counter/bar with your son and have drinks, how am I suppose to know you want to be sat in the dining room? Luckily, one of the servers dealt with this nasty lady for me because I had like 6 other people to sit. Seriously, people are just dumb. I even got yelled at because it's ridiculous we won't put a high chair at the end of a booth. Oh, I'm sorry..what if a hot drink or soup was spilled on your child? Yeah, it's a fire hazard and so no, if you don't like it, talk to the manager. Oy vey. At least I am not closing tonight...only 7 hours today because I switched shifts with someone.

And to top it off, I got home and at 10:30 realized my wallet was in I left it at the host stand because I thought I had to pay for my employee meal for my break but I didn't. I never put it back in my purse. *Insert freakout here* I tried calling to see if the manager was still there but she wasn't. So I texted one of my friends to see if she was working tomorrow morning (I know theres like 3 kids parties going on today) and asked her if she'd put it in the safe for me. Thankfully she's working and I'm going in at noon. It would suck if I had to replace EVERYTHING in there...although my license picture is horrendous so that would not have been such a tragedy.

Will tomorrow actually be the day when I will get the rest of my room clean? Sure hope so! I miss the days of college when I was actually productive because if I didn't clean up my room, I'd trip over something.

Last night were the Golden Globes. I didn't watch. Oops? Primarily because I was at work/on the way home. But here are some of my FAVORITE looks:

Time to go get ready for another fun-filled day of work. I hope y'all had a fun weekend and enjoy your day off thanks to MLK! :)

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