Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Organization is key!

What a RIVETING day I have had. First off, I spent 45 minutes sitting in the exam room at the wound care place with my oldest brother Scott (because he does not drive) and he wasn't seen until almost an hour later. If you're going to give me an appointment for 7:45, you BETTER not make me wait 45 minutes. Well, that happened. Finally, I was like "is anyone coming in here because we've been waiting for 45 minutes?" By 8:45, the nurse practitioner finally came in and they did what they had to do and we were on our way. I was not a happy camper.

Considering it is getting CHILLY outside, I thought now would be the appropriate time to finish switching my wardrobes. Yep, way behind on that ball. Considering I wear my work "uniform" 4-5 days of the week and then spend the good majority of it in PJs and/or sweats, I need the clothes to be organized. It's a task in itself! That and the fact that I get easily distracted by Facebook and that I was watching season 9 of FRIENDS. I finally got it all hung up, took a TON of hangers out of my closet and have two giant bags of clothes, plus a few small ones to give away. And, somehow, I still have too many! I just need to purge and not feel guilty.

Also, note to self - do not give away a code again for 101 free prints on Shutterfly. I should read my emails more carefully and see its only one code per member. :( There was a free $15 of photos I wasted! :( Oh well. They always have deals so at least I'll have them all uploaded and ready for the next time I get it!

I need to re-register for the CST. The deadline is January 13th and I take it February 18th. Fantastic. Seeing as I missed the minimum passing score by FOUR points last time (talk about wanting to cry!), I need to study my booty off for it. Enter this lovely guide. While it has gotten mixed reviews, and costs $80 in B&N, I only paid $26 using my Amex points on Amazon. SCORE! Side note: I think it is a bit ridiculous to test us on all of these things when we are NEVER going to be teaching them (culturally).

I am trying to grow my hair out. I usually only get it cut once-twice a year, insane! I prefer it to be shorter in the summer because it's easier to deal with in the heat so I'll probably get that done before the cruise. But one thing I will not be growing out are bangs like Kim K. Barf. I really can't stand her. I wish it was just her two sisters (Kourtney & Khloe) on the show and not her.

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