Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Itching to travel

Ever since I studied abroad the spring semester of my junior year in college, I think the "travel bug" bit me and hasn't left since! I loved living in Seville, Spain for that semester and traveling to various cities and other countries (was able to go to England, Ireland and Amstedam!). My best friend April shares the same desire to travel. We went on our first vacation together as friends in June 2010 and spent a week in Florida celebrating our graduations!

And for the longest time, I have been wanting to go to the Caribbean. That crystal blue water looks so peaceful and I just want to DIVE in! I kept mentioning this to my boyfriend. So, as a combined birthday and Christmas present, he got me an EIGHT DAY CRUISE! He was not sure where it was going to go (knowing him, it was because he wanted to get the best deal possible). I really couldn't complain since all I really have to pay for is my liquor and shopping! He finally booked it! May 14-May 22, 2012 we will be off on an adventure! We're leaving from New York and going on an Eastern Caribbean cruise! It's the Carnival Cruise lines on their Miracle boat. The stops along the cruise are Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay (the Bahamas), and Nassua (the Bahamas). So being the weirdo that I am, I looked up the excursions and all I can say is I CAN'T WAIT!!!

With that being said, April and I are considering either going to Canada or Mexico for a trip in late 2012. I would much rather go to Mexico than Canada in the fall because hey, nice escape from the coldish weather up here in New York! Does anyone have any tips on how to find a relatively decent priced all inclusive resort/vacation package for Mexico? Doesn't have to be Cancun or anything like that although it could be fun to go there. I am looking for websites and stuff. I tried googling all inclusive Mexico vacations but maybe I am doing it wrong. Help if you have done this before!

I just wanna sit on the beach and stare at this:

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