Sunday, January 29, 2012

What a weekend

What a weekend. That's the easiest way to sum it up! Ha. I worked every night, which was kind of good because it was busy. Friday night, there was a party of 20 at 5pm. Seriously. Then at other points in the night, there was a part of 9, a party of 8, a party of 10, and a party of 11. One server ended up with three of those parties so he made $$$! Saturday night was not too bad although it was still pretty busy. Sunday night was dragging at first and then BAM! Everyone decided to come in at once. One lady and her daughter were giving me such an issue over where they wanted to sit. It's not that hard!! I understand if you don't want to be by the door because you think there'll be a draft, so I offered a table. The daughter snapped she didn't want a table. I told them they'd have to wait for a booth to be bussed off. Meanwhile, I was getting either yelled at or something by the bartender (I think he got mad I offered 10 people the bar at once) and so my friend Sarah took the menus from me to sit the cranky lady & her daughter...who proceeded to call be a "bitch" to Sarah's face. She basically told my brother (who ended up being their server) they could get their own menus since they called me a bitch. Not for nothing, I did nothing wrong. I had a TON of other people waiting up front. I just don't understand why she had to be all nasty.

Friday night, Olivia and I went to Dave & Buster's after I got out of work. We're pretty good friends with the bartenders Rich & Richie and never get carded anymore. And we get free stuff sometimes too! :) We had our typical raspberry lemon drop but then wanted something more adventurous. So, we had a sexy alligator drink. It had midori, something else, and jagermister in kind of looks so gross but tastes sweet! It is hard to tell in this picture since it was on my phone but I loved it!

Tomorrow, I need to go to the gym (or rather today since it is after midnight) since I haven't been all week. My biggest thing is I cannot spend the $20 a month if I don't go because then it would be a waste! Plus, Tuesday will pretty much be a bust because I am spending all day/night with the boyfriend. We're going to New Jersey for the NJ Devils vs. Rangers game. It was his birthday/Christmas present. I just might want to find those tickets, ha ha. They're in an envelope on my desk...somewhere.

Little less than three weeks now until the CST aka I need to kick it into high gear of studying for it. It is so easy to procrastinate and watch a Lifetime movie, as I am doing now but my goal is to work my butt off so I can pass it already. I just want to teach already.

And considering I am exhausted and want to go to the gym tomorrow and make my legs feel like jello before work, I am going to leave you with this:


  1. I've never heard of a sexy alligator haha. I am going to use that cute lil pug as gym motivation this week :)

  2. That's awesome that you know some bartenders.. I need to meet me some so I get free drinks. Plus, I'm always intimidated and don't know what new drinks to try. I've never heard of a sexy alligator!! might have to give that a whirl ;)

    1. if you ever want to try shots, ask for a stop light. it's red, yellow and green shots which you take one after the other. SO good!

  3. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)