Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today I am back at it, linking up with the lovely Jamie again for What I'm Loving Wednesday! 

Here's what I'm loving this week...

I'm loving that I had the last two days off! It was nice considering my last day off was last Tuesday. Holla dolla y'all!
I'm loving this video. It's about a high school basketball team and how they have a handicapped assistant on the team. The coach put him in the last few minutes of a game that they were winning to give him his moment in the spotlight. He kept missing the net but another player on the OTHER team called his name, passed him the ball, and he made it in the net! I have tears just writing that and bawled for the 2+ minutes of the clip. This goes to show that there are still good-hearted people left. :)

I'm loving that Jodi Picoult has a new book out called The Storyteller. Getting my own copy is a must! I like to alternate between real books and my kindle.
I'm loving that I have students who tell me I am their favorite teacher. These are the kids that constantly say hi to me in the halls, if they see me in the cafeteria. Two girls wrote this about me for the positive behavior week we had in school (in math, they had to write about a teacher they'd go to):

I'm loving that I spent the last week babysitting my nieces & nephew while their parents had to work due to losing their winter break because of Hurricane Sandy. 

I'm loving that Aly Raisman is on the next season of Dancing With The Stars! I usually only watch if I have a favorite and will watch until they are voted off! 

What are you loving this week?!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

{Oscars 2013!}

The Oscars (aka Academy Awards) is usually one of my favorite nights during the award season. I feel like the celebrities go ALL OUT because it's usually the last big hurrah! (Unless I am missing something like the Tony's). 

I was stuck at work for the first half of it but I always love looking at the red carpet pictures. It makes me question "WHAT was he/she thinking when they decided that was their outfit?!"

So, here are my thoughts!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE what Jennifer Aniston is wearing. Maybe I am partial because she is my favorite actress but I love this color on her! She usually wears a lot of black so to see her in a vibrant color is wonderful!

 Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck
I love that she is wearing purple! I could do without the puffiness on the back of the dress but this is a GREAT color on her!

Jennifer Hudson looks stunning in this dress!! Weight Watchers has done her well.

Some people might think that this dress makes Reese Witherspoon look boxy around the hips. I love the color on her! 

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan look fantastic! She looks great with her baby bump. Love the lace dress on her.  

I just adore Joseph Gordon Levitt and think he looks darling!

Catherine Zeta-Jones looks ravishing!! The gold dress really pops with the dark hair. Love it. 

 Zoe Saladana...I wish I had her body. She will always be "bitchy" Eva in Center Stage to me!

And for the What were you thinking?!

It looks like her dress is choking Salema Hayek.

Kristen Stewart looks like she rolled around in bed and forgot to brush her hair before coming to this event. HELLO! Look your best! Plus that dress is just not pretty. 

I think Halle Berry looks stunning....I just think the dress is just a poor choice on her/her stylist's part.

I really don't like short hair on Anne Hathaway. Nor do I like the folds on her dress in the chest area. It makes it look like her nips are showing through the dress!!

Heidi Klum at Elton John's Oscars viewing party...EWW is all I can say!

What were your thoughts? Who were you happy to see win?


{Sunday Social}

This week's Sunday Social with Ashley & Neely is all about middle school and high school. Oh the fun years!

1. What was your biggest middle school fashion mistake?
Oh boy...I am not sure if I can even remember to how I dressed back then! Ha. Maybe something with platform wedge sandals and falling into the whole Pacific Sunwear clothes phase.

2. Who were your best friends in high school?
April was one of my best friends in high school...and still is to this day! The funny thing is we used to hate each other in 6th grade until we were forced to be stand partners for flute in band in 7th grade...once we got to know each other, we developed a great friendship. She is someone I did and still can completely trust!

I was also good friends with Amanda our junior & senior years (and still are!)

not a picture while we were in high school but one that I like of us

Plus Jeannette, who is affectionately dubbed as "Spanish Ho"
Me, April, and Jeannette out for Amanda's 21st birthday! 

3. What was a typical weekend like for you in high school?
I would usually hang out with my friends or do homework at the beginning of high school. I was busy during the week with school and dance so it was better to just relax on the weekends. Once I got to my junior & senior years, I was working at Rite Aid on the weekends.

4. Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends? Tell us about that.
I had my fair share of "crushes" but never dated anyone. Infact, my first boyfriend was not until after I graduated COLLEGE! Looking back, I was not a fan of most of the guys (with the exception for a few) in my graduating class.

5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends? Spill your secrets!
I think we had this thing called the WHAC club because we didn't like someone, which is obviously very mean and it didn't last long! And we would use code names for people. I can't remember much more than that!

6. If you could relive one moment/day/experience from middle school or high school, what would it be?
I think it would have to be the 7th grade class trip to Boston. We did a historic tour of Boston, got to go shopping at Quincy market, had a dinner dance at the Holiday Inn hotel where we were staying. I remember we weren't suppose to be watching TV in our rooms but my roommates and I decided to be "bad" and watch it at like 1am as one of my friends Alex decided to iron things. The little things you remember!! It makes me want to go back and visit Boston really bad!  


Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Okay Thursday...

I am back linking up again this week with the lovely Neely & Amber for another rendition of It's Okay Thursday.

It's Okay...

...that I am laughing as my nephew proclaims in the background that he is a Ninja Turtle . He cracks me up!

...that all three kids are perfectly content right now as I am babysitting to be watching TV and on the's only 9:30am and Aunt Kristin is still waking up.

...that I am taking them to Chucke Cheese's later....anything to keep them occupied!

...that I am excited to have TWO days off next week! My only night off was Tuesday and I have Tuesday & Wednesday off next week!

 ...that I can't wait to watch "Won't Back Down" this weekend.

...that I plan on buying Peter Pan on my next Target trip. #DisneyAddictAtHeart. I am building my Disney collection.

...that I gave up ice cream for Lent. March 31st will be here before I know it!

...that I am NOT a fan of boxed chocolates! Seriously, give me a bag of Twizzlers any day.

...that I haven't been to the gym in awhile. At least my iPod is updated for when I do go. 

...that I still don't know who to have do a paid blog design. #decisionsdecisions

...that I forgot to pay my Amex bill and realized this was due Sunday. Actually it's not okay since I get a late fee but oh well. I have to suck that up. Lesson learned...again.

...that I have a bottle of Skinny Girl White Wine with my name on it for this weekend.

...that I am getting antsy about the bridesmaid dress for my cousin Lisa's wedding because it still hasn't been decided on....I wanna know!

...that I cannot drink coffee with regular milk. I had to get Dunkin Donuts with creamer at Hess this morning (love that they have a DD express inside!!) because we have no creamer at home.

...that I have Disney fever. I want to go to the new Fantasyland and eat at Belle's restaurant! think all these "Harlem Shake" videos are dumb! 

What's okay with you today?!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Happy Wednesday, everyone! I am back at it linking up with the lovely Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday. This was probably the first link up I did on my blog and I love coming back each week to see what everyone is loving!

Here's what I''m loving this week:

I'm loving...
...that this is WINTER BREAK!!! It is a nice time to have a break from the students because it's going to be a LONG rest of the school year, ha! 

I'm loving...
...that my friend Cara from college welcomed her first baby into the world this past Saturday. She was a senior when I was a freshmen and she was friends with my RA. She was always a sweet girl and I'm so happy for her & her hubby. Welcome to the world Samuel Robert!

I'm loving...
...all the cute little things I have bought for my friend Ashley's baby shower next month. She texted me pictures of her little boy's nursery so far and I couldn't be MORE excited for her! A few of the things I got her..

I'm loving...
...that my friends and I want to plan another trip to AC this summer. Our trip last summer was so fun, so why not?!

I'm loving...
...these dresses...I am trying to decide on a dress for my niece's first Holy Communion in April...what do you think?  These are from Mod Cloth: Only Thyme Will Tell (love the color of this!), Peppermint Iced Tea, The Right Mauve,Vine and Dine, Flickering Florals, and Must Be The Cosmos. It's so hard to decide! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I feel like I don't do anything exciting anymore, ha! It's the same old, same old. Go to school, go tutor, go to CPK and work. My motto must be "sleep is for the weak" or "I can sleep when I am dead." I haven't done anything really since Thursday. Thursday night, I worked and of course since it was Valentine's Day...we were busy. It was also the first night we got to use the headsets at work and I have to say, they were extremely helpful! Friday night, I worked til 10:30 and it was also the last day of school! Now we have winter break! I did get my nails painted a lovely shade of pink before work though for some "me" time. I worked all day yesterday and tonight. 

I did have brunch with mimosas with April & Amanda today! With such hectic schedules, it is hard to meet up but when we can, we certainly do. We just chit-chatted about our lives, boys, jobs, etc. Can't wait for the next time we do it.

This week, I am on my winter break but gave it up. My brother & SIL are both teachers and their districts lost their winter breaks due to the days we had off from Hurricane Sandy at the end of October and are using the school days this week to make up. They need someone to watch their three kids so Aunt Kristin to the rescue. While it'll be rough babysitting all day and then working every night but Tuesday, it'll be worth it. 

Since tomorrow is one of the few days I will get to sleep in, I plan on doing that but I also need to get my butt to the gym. It's been awhile since I've gone! And I would love to lose some more weight. Plus, if my cousin Lisa ever decides what we're are wearing as our bridesmaids dresses for her wedding in July, I want to look good for that. And for the dress I wear for when my goddaughter/niece makes her first Holy Communion in April. So many things to do!

They hired three new hosts at work and I think they are all done finally training! Now that we have more hosts, I can do takeout more, which I prefer. I still have to host Friday nights for a bit but if it is a shift, I will take it. I do have to work tomorrow night and hope it is not too slow. 

I am going to have to go bundle myself up under the covers because it is just super CHILLY out there. Seriously, where is summer vacation?!! I need the BEACH stat. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hey y'all! Who can believe that it is already Wednesday?! Feels like this week has been dragging on and I have had a four day weekend because of two snow days, thanks to Nemo the Blizzard. 

I am back linking up with the lovely Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday

Here's what I'm loving this week:

I'm loving...
that we had two snow days this week and I caught up on my sleep. I feel somewhat refreshed. Except two days of my spring break got taken away for conference days...BOO!

I'm loving...
the Nicholas Sparks' book, Safe Haven. I finished it yesterday! I suggest y'all read it...and now I can't wait to see the movie.

I'm loving...
this wedding video. Every time I watch it, it makes me cry like a baby! I would hope the men in my life would do something like that for me when I get married.

I'm loving...
that they hired three new hosts at work! One of the girls quit and then one of the new ones is the sister of a server, plus they hired two guys. Once they are all trained and able to handle Friday nights, I can fully go over to takeout. Thank god because I get sick of hosting at times.  

I'm loving...
in 5 months and 8 days, I will be seeing this lady in concert in Philadelphia! Not that I am counting or anything...
 I'm loving...
that my cousin's twin daughters will be on tonight's episode of The Americans on FX at 10pm EST!! Yay!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Just another manic monday...

Today was one of those lazy bum days that was MUCH needed!! I slept in til NOON! I can't remember the last time I did that. Now, going to bed tonight and waking up to go to school tomorrow will be torture.

Thanks to Nemo the Blizzard, we had off today. I am just curious as to what day or break we will lose another day from thanks to being off a week in October because of Hurricane Sandy. Can't catch a break! The amount of shoveling I did the past two days makes up for not going to the arms are still killing me!

I am glad I did not go in to work today...apparently part of the roof of the mall, where I work, collapsed! It was in the NY&CO store which is on the way to my restaurant. The mall had to evacuate, turn off the gas and water. They were not letting anyone in the parking lot but were letting people out. My brother ended up coming home early. That is so scary that it collapsed! I hope there was no one injured. And to top it off, we are suppose to get MORE snow Wednesday & Friday! Gosh, there are times I hate living in NY. I already put a snow blower on my list for my birthday.

Last night I stayed up perhaps too late reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, the book of the movie that comes out on Valentine's Day. I am determined to finish it by the time I go see it with Shannon. The book is so sad yet so good so far!! I highly recommend it.

I also find cleaning my bedroom probably to be one of the most annoying tasks ever. I get halfway done and then get bored. But I am super proud of myself...I cleaned my dresser, nightstand, desk, and under my bed. I just have to tackle the clothes I have thrown in the closet and even if I don't finish all that today, I can do it tomorrow night. I do have to study/look over the notes I took during this workshop on Friday at school. Hopefully they will let me out of it a little early tomorrow because I have to make it to tutoring. I can't move it any later since the kid has class.

I will leave you with these for some giggles so I can go back to putting the pile of clothes on my bed on hangers in the closet:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Social

Time for another link up with Ashley & Neely for Sunday Social! I am up so early to try and finish digging my car out incase I have to be at work at 4 and for work tomorrow. Happy happy joy joy.
1. What was your first car?
My first car was to be my brother Mark's 1996 Toyota Corolla but my brother Brian totaled it my spring semester of my freshmen year of college (it was his car until I got my license then he had to buy a new one). I ended up with a better deal....2004 Toyota Corolla! 
2. Who was your favorite childhood teacher?
I have a few! My first grade teacher Mrs. Bowers was awesome. Probably my favorite teacher from elementary school. My middle school foreign language teacher, Mrs.Reith, is the reason why I studied foreign languages in college admissions essay was about her. And my 11th & 12th grade Spanish teacher Mrs. Gray was awesome. 
3. Were you involved in any extra curricular activities/sports? Share pictures if you can!
From kindergarten throughout high school, I danced. It was my thing. I did every type of dance my studio offered except pointe. When I graduated, I was doing jazz, lyrical, and hiphop. My favorite was tap. 
 This was my jazz costume one year to "Taste of India"
4. What was your favorite birthday party?
I don't think I have any pictures of it but it was when I did a painting one at plaster fun house. It was so much fun! I'm also the kid that did not want a Sweet 16 party.
5. Who was your celebrity teen crush?
I had a few...
I had a thing for Brad Pitt before he cheated on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie. 

Also, Justin Timberlake. I actually still have a thing for him. Except thank goodness he got rid of that nasty blonde curly hair!
6. What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?
I don't think I was allowed to watch anything related to Beavis & Butthead and South Park. Nor did I care because I had no interest in that!  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nemo 2013 - The Blizzard

Let's let it be known that this girl right here absolutely detests snow! I hate driving in it, shoveling it, taking my dog out in it when she refuses to go out. It's basically a big nuisance. 

They had predicted a blizzard that was suppose to hit Long Island/New York/basically the New England area. I always laugh because last time they said it was going to happen, IT DID NOT SNOW! But tell me how they named the blizzard Nemo. I just keep laughing every time I see this online:

I drove to work last night from school because I had a workshop that let us out at 2:30. By the time I got to the mall, it was an hour later and my boss had tried to catch me. I had to be there at 4 and she goes "Turn around and go home!" I was so excited that I was like "Love you! You're the best, Mel!" because I am usually the one that gets stuck there. I went home, took a shower, ate dinner and then took a 3-3.5 hour nap! So wonderful.

Nemo hit us hard though! Some parts of Long Island only got 8 inches while others got 30 or more! My cousins, aunt & uncle got 30". I got at least 2 feet. You could not even open my door this morning. I had to put my dog on a leash and drag her outside to go to the bathroom. It was bad. I mean, just to give you an idea of how bad of a blizzard it was, look at this:

These are a bunch of abandoned cars on Route 347, which is a major road right by the mall I work at. Considering those cars are all stuck there, I highly doubt my restaurant is open today!

They even closed the Long Island Expressway, which is a major road on Long Island. People's cars were abandoned there but I just checked our local paper's website and its reopened but with some closures.

My brothers shoveled most of the driveway and one of them tried to move my car. There's all ice under there...SCORE. I plan on getting up early tomorrow to make sure it is moveable incase we're open tomorrow. I could not believe that our mall was going to open at 1pm today but then changed their minds...good thing because we were under a state of emergency! This blizzard is just proof that I need to move out of NY to someplace warm. Or ask for a snow blower for my birthday this year!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

{It's Okay Thursday!}

I can't believe it is Thursday again. This means only 6 more school days until February break!! My school was lucky and did not lose its winter break due to Hurricane Sandy. I did lose 2 days at Spring Recess and 2 at Memorial Day. But you can't win them all.

Anywho, link up with the lovely ladies Neely & Amber who host this awesome linkup to share what is okay with you today! 

It's Okay...

...that I am going to school tomorrow but not my classes because I have a conference. And get paid for it. Let's just hope I did the sub thing correctly!

...that I get bored cleaning my room in the middle of it and will complain about it until it is done.

...that I'm counting down the days til the Taylor Swift concert with Shannon & Meghan. Road trip to Philly!! be crushing over a new guy. be so excited that I am OFF Monday & Tuesday next week. Totally going to the gym & getting a manicure. 

...that I laughed so hard at this about the "blizzard" that is suppose to hit the East Coast. And it's in quotes because I am going to laugh if it doesn't people are wrong all the time!

...that I am working on Valentine's Day. At least I am working with my favorite hosting buddy Christine. And we're training a new guy. 

...that I can never go to bed at a decent hour that won't make me wanna cry during school. I am going to need a MASSIVE cup of coffee tomorrow!

....that this e-card made me laugh.  I bet some other teachers would agree there are days that make ya feel like that!

...that I am eagerly awaiting Justin Timberlake's new album that comes out in March!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

{WILW - Happy February!}

I can't remember the last time I linked up for WILW. It has been a crazy few weeks! But here I am, back at it linking up with the lovely & sweet Jamie!

I'm loving that there are only 7 more school days until winter break!! 2 of those days I have a conference and 1 day (tomorrow) four of my six classes are viewing a presentation. 

I'm loving that Safe Haven comes out!! Seriously, I hope it is good and not bad like "Dear John" was.

I'm loving that my cousin's adorable twins will be on an episode of The Americans February 13th at 10pm!! They're also in a new movie coming out later this year called Winter's Tale.

I'm loving that I have some Girl Scout cookies coming my way from my goddaughter Sara!

I'm loving that Peter Pan came out of the vault on DVD! So need to buy that!

I'm loving these cuties

I'm loving this video of a Marine surprising his brother at a basketball training. It ALWAYS gets me!