Thursday, February 7, 2013

{It's Okay Thursday!}

I can't believe it is Thursday again. This means only 6 more school days until February break!! My school was lucky and did not lose its winter break due to Hurricane Sandy. I did lose 2 days at Spring Recess and 2 at Memorial Day. But you can't win them all.

Anywho, link up with the lovely ladies Neely & Amber who host this awesome linkup to share what is okay with you today! 

It's Okay...

...that I am going to school tomorrow but not my classes because I have a conference. And get paid for it. Let's just hope I did the sub thing correctly!

...that I get bored cleaning my room in the middle of it and will complain about it until it is done.

...that I'm counting down the days til the Taylor Swift concert with Shannon & Meghan. Road trip to Philly!! be crushing over a new guy. be so excited that I am OFF Monday & Tuesday next week. Totally going to the gym & getting a manicure. 

...that I laughed so hard at this about the "blizzard" that is suppose to hit the East Coast. And it's in quotes because I am going to laugh if it doesn't people are wrong all the time!

...that I am working on Valentine's Day. At least I am working with my favorite hosting buddy Christine. And we're training a new guy. 

...that I can never go to bed at a decent hour that won't make me wanna cry during school. I am going to need a MASSIVE cup of coffee tomorrow!

....that this e-card made me laugh.  I bet some other teachers would agree there are days that make ya feel like that!

...that I am eagerly awaiting Justin Timberlake's new album that comes out in March!


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