Monday, February 11, 2013

Just another manic monday...

Today was one of those lazy bum days that was MUCH needed!! I slept in til NOON! I can't remember the last time I did that. Now, going to bed tonight and waking up to go to school tomorrow will be torture.

Thanks to Nemo the Blizzard, we had off today. I am just curious as to what day or break we will lose another day from thanks to being off a week in October because of Hurricane Sandy. Can't catch a break! The amount of shoveling I did the past two days makes up for not going to the arms are still killing me!

I am glad I did not go in to work today...apparently part of the roof of the mall, where I work, collapsed! It was in the NY&CO store which is on the way to my restaurant. The mall had to evacuate, turn off the gas and water. They were not letting anyone in the parking lot but were letting people out. My brother ended up coming home early. That is so scary that it collapsed! I hope there was no one injured. And to top it off, we are suppose to get MORE snow Wednesday & Friday! Gosh, there are times I hate living in NY. I already put a snow blower on my list for my birthday.

Last night I stayed up perhaps too late reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, the book of the movie that comes out on Valentine's Day. I am determined to finish it by the time I go see it with Shannon. The book is so sad yet so good so far!! I highly recommend it.

I also find cleaning my bedroom probably to be one of the most annoying tasks ever. I get halfway done and then get bored. But I am super proud of myself...I cleaned my dresser, nightstand, desk, and under my bed. I just have to tackle the clothes I have thrown in the closet and even if I don't finish all that today, I can do it tomorrow night. I do have to study/look over the notes I took during this workshop on Friday at school. Hopefully they will let me out of it a little early tomorrow because I have to make it to tutoring. I can't move it any later since the kid has class.

I will leave you with these for some giggles so I can go back to putting the pile of clothes on my bed on hangers in the closet:

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  1. I spent most of Sunday afternoon hanging up clothes. My goal this week is to not throw clothes on the floor.
    Good luck to you on keeping things clean!