Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Okay Thursday...

I am back linking up again this week with the lovely Neely & Amber for another rendition of It's Okay Thursday.

It's Okay...

...that I am laughing as my nephew proclaims in the background that he is a Ninja Turtle . He cracks me up!

...that all three kids are perfectly content right now as I am babysitting to be watching TV and on the's only 9:30am and Aunt Kristin is still waking up.

...that I am taking them to Chucke Cheese's later....anything to keep them occupied!

...that I am excited to have TWO days off next week! My only night off was Tuesday and I have Tuesday & Wednesday off next week!

 ...that I can't wait to watch "Won't Back Down" this weekend.

...that I plan on buying Peter Pan on my next Target trip. #DisneyAddictAtHeart. I am building my Disney collection.

...that I gave up ice cream for Lent. March 31st will be here before I know it!

...that I am NOT a fan of boxed chocolates! Seriously, give me a bag of Twizzlers any day.

...that I haven't been to the gym in awhile. At least my iPod is updated for when I do go. 

...that I still don't know who to have do a paid blog design. #decisionsdecisions

...that I forgot to pay my Amex bill and realized this was due Sunday. Actually it's not okay since I get a late fee but oh well. I have to suck that up. Lesson learned...again.

...that I have a bottle of Skinny Girl White Wine with my name on it for this weekend.

...that I am getting antsy about the bridesmaid dress for my cousin Lisa's wedding because it still hasn't been decided on....I wanna know!

...that I cannot drink coffee with regular milk. I had to get Dunkin Donuts with creamer at Hess this morning (love that they have a DD express inside!!) because we have no creamer at home.

...that I have Disney fever. I want to go to the new Fantasyland and eat at Belle's restaurant! think all these "Harlem Shake" videos are dumb! 

What's okay with you today?!


  1. Ice-cream?! Pretty sure that is the one thing I could never give up! Good luck!!

  2. I am seriously dying over all of the additions to Fantasyland. It's like all of my childhood dreams are coming to life at once! I can't wait to go there!