Sunday, February 24, 2013

{Oscars 2013!}

The Oscars (aka Academy Awards) is usually one of my favorite nights during the award season. I feel like the celebrities go ALL OUT because it's usually the last big hurrah! (Unless I am missing something like the Tony's). 

I was stuck at work for the first half of it but I always love looking at the red carpet pictures. It makes me question "WHAT was he/she thinking when they decided that was their outfit?!"

So, here are my thoughts!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE what Jennifer Aniston is wearing. Maybe I am partial because she is my favorite actress but I love this color on her! She usually wears a lot of black so to see her in a vibrant color is wonderful!

 Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck
I love that she is wearing purple! I could do without the puffiness on the back of the dress but this is a GREAT color on her!

Jennifer Hudson looks stunning in this dress!! Weight Watchers has done her well.

Some people might think that this dress makes Reese Witherspoon look boxy around the hips. I love the color on her! 

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan look fantastic! She looks great with her baby bump. Love the lace dress on her.  

I just adore Joseph Gordon Levitt and think he looks darling!

Catherine Zeta-Jones looks ravishing!! The gold dress really pops with the dark hair. Love it. 

 Zoe Saladana...I wish I had her body. She will always be "bitchy" Eva in Center Stage to me!

And for the What were you thinking?!

It looks like her dress is choking Salema Hayek.

Kristen Stewart looks like she rolled around in bed and forgot to brush her hair before coming to this event. HELLO! Look your best! Plus that dress is just not pretty. 

I think Halle Berry looks stunning....I just think the dress is just a poor choice on her/her stylist's part.

I really don't like short hair on Anne Hathaway. Nor do I like the folds on her dress in the chest area. It makes it look like her nips are showing through the dress!!

Heidi Klum at Elton John's Oscars viewing party...EWW is all I can say!

What were your thoughts? Who were you happy to see win?



  1. besides the fact that i already don't like kristen stewart - she could have at least brushed her hair and not chosen such a heinous dress!

  2. Overall I really liked the Oscars dresses. Jennifer Lawrence's was my favorite, and Jen Garner was a close second.