Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nemo 2013 - The Blizzard

Let's let it be known that this girl right here absolutely detests snow! I hate driving in it, shoveling it, taking my dog out in it when she refuses to go out. It's basically a big nuisance. 

They had predicted a blizzard that was suppose to hit Long Island/New York/basically the New England area. I always laugh because last time they said it was going to happen, IT DID NOT SNOW! But tell me how they named the blizzard Nemo. I just keep laughing every time I see this online:

I drove to work last night from school because I had a workshop that let us out at 2:30. By the time I got to the mall, it was an hour later and my boss had tried to catch me. I had to be there at 4 and she goes "Turn around and go home!" I was so excited that I was like "Love you! You're the best, Mel!" because I am usually the one that gets stuck there. I went home, took a shower, ate dinner and then took a 3-3.5 hour nap! So wonderful.

Nemo hit us hard though! Some parts of Long Island only got 8 inches while others got 30 or more! My cousins, aunt & uncle got 30". I got at least 2 feet. You could not even open my door this morning. I had to put my dog on a leash and drag her outside to go to the bathroom. It was bad. I mean, just to give you an idea of how bad of a blizzard it was, look at this:

These are a bunch of abandoned cars on Route 347, which is a major road right by the mall I work at. Considering those cars are all stuck there, I highly doubt my restaurant is open today!

They even closed the Long Island Expressway, which is a major road on Long Island. People's cars were abandoned there but I just checked our local paper's website and its reopened but with some closures.

My brothers shoveled most of the driveway and one of them tried to move my car. There's all ice under there...SCORE. I plan on getting up early tomorrow to make sure it is moveable incase we're open tomorrow. I could not believe that our mall was going to open at 1pm today but then changed their minds...good thing because we were under a state of emergency! This blizzard is just proof that I need to move out of NY to someplace warm. Or ask for a snow blower for my birthday this year!



  1. So crazy! Love the photos though for a glimpse of what's going on! Stay warm :)

  2. Since I'm from Alabama, we don't see much snow. If we get two inches schools are cancelled and everyone acts crazy! It's warm down here if you do move ;)