Sunday, September 28, 2014

{Sunday Social}

I have been so busy trying to keep my head above water with school & planning that I have barely had time to blog! There'll be a catch up post soon (after my observation this week) but here's another go-around at Sunday Social with Ashley & Neely.

{1} What is your favorite magazine to read?
Honestly, I think the only one I buy regularly is Cosmopolitan (I really should just get a subscription). People is a guilty pleasure as well as US Weekly and Star.

{2} What is the best thing you have seen online lately?

I don't know why but I found that awesome because it shows Taylor's sense of humor

{3} Who is your favorite celebrity to follow on Instagram or Twitter?
Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram. Seriously, she looks amazing when she is pregnant. 

{4} Is there one article of clothing no matter what the season you can't help but love?
Probably sweat pants. I will come home and put them on to be a lazy bum after a long day of work any day of the year!

{5} Do you prefer email or snail mail?
Considering usually all I get in snail mail is my bills, email! Ha! I do love when I get a random "Hi I miss you card!" from one of my friends. 

Now back to my regular scheduled day of lesson planning before working tonight. I am one tired teacher!  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to School!

Does anyone else feel like summer FLEW by and it's a shame we're back in school? HA! I was in school with finals/proctoring/grading until June 27th and then went to AC. Granted, I had my fun this summer but with working, it didn't feel like it was long enough.

Last Tuesday was Superintendent's Conference day at my new district. I got to meet all the language teachers and everyone was super nice. There's only one French teacher and she teaches 7-12. I teach the 6th grade class. She gave me an ENTIRE BINDER of basically every lesson and said I could use whatever I wanted. I was super happy.

Wednesday was the first day of school! It was SO different than being with my coworkers from the last two years. First off, my old school had air conditioning therefore I was spoiled. This one...not so much. But hey, it's okay. I think I was so burnt by the end of the first day I went to bed at 9:30! I can't remember the last time that I did that. 

Pretty much how I felt Friday afternoon.

Overall, my classes are not that bad. My Spanish 6 has 20 kids, my Spanish 7 has 26 kids and my French 6 has 30 KIDS!!!!! The principal told me that there were originally 37 kids enrolled but they had to tell kids no. I am SHOCKED!! We had 3 sections of it last year where I was working. I only see the 6th graders every other day so it is dragged out a bit. Today was my second day of seeing the French kids. 

If I am not teaching, I am in the testing center or the academic center when I don't have my lunch/prep/professional periods. The testing center is air conditioned but three periods in a row in there will FREEZE you!! If there are no tests/quizzes being given, the bright side is that I can plan!!

Overall, I am happy I got this job. I definitely would not be doing what I did the last two years this year if I was still there (they kept TAs in all classes BUT language classes) and I would have been a one-on-one. I miss my old chair and coworkers terribly but everyone in the department has made me feel welcome. 

Time to go plan for the rest of the week! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

{Sunday Social}

It's Sunday afternoon and I am pretty much BEAT!! This past Wednesday was the first day of school and I am just struggling to get my bearings as I get into a routine. Ha ha!! I think the first night I was so tired I went to bed at 9:30pm. Even though my 6th grade classes meet every other day and my 7th grade is every day (so essentially I teach 2 classes a day), we are finally starting to teach this week after getting to know the kids. I am in the middle of planning now but wanted to take a small break.

Link up with Ashley & Neely for this week's Sunday Social!

{1} 5 things you want us to know about you:
1. I have a SERIOUS addiction to coffee!! I pretty much would not be able to survive without coffee. Actually, I am probably just exaggerating but seriously, I love coffee. I have at least two cups a day. Might need to go have a third....
2. I lived in Spain for four months. Every time I tell a new group of kids they're blown away!
3. I have never had to stay overnight in the hospital. I had outpatient surgery almost 4 years ago but otherwise the only overnight stay was when I was born!
4. I've met Teresa Guidice. Her and Dina Manzo will always be my favorite housewives!
5. I only eat 3 vegetables.

{2} 5 favorite things about blogging
1. It definitely is a creative outlet.
2. I love how you can connect with people
3. Opportunities to make real life friends!
4. You can make money if you're really into it.
5. I love having a digital scrapbook of my life, if you will.

{3} 5 things you are doing before the year is over:
1. GOING TO SEE LUKE BRYAN IN CONCERT THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!! I am going with my friends Amanda and Shannon and Amanda's cousin Brittany. We were suppose to see him at MSG in January but it sold out so we got these tickets. Super excited.
2. Celebrate my 28th(!) birthday
3. Pay off more of my loans
4. Hopefully plan a vacation for one of my school breaks
5. Maybe meet someone?! That's being optimistic!

{4} 5 favorite fall fashion staples
1. Jeans....they're my go-to pants. That's sad, ha ha!
2. Scarves!! I wish I could learn to wear scarves like the girls in The Duggar family do
3. Uggs for cold days
4. Cardigans...can dress up an outfit or go casual!
5. My North Face black zip up fleece. It is my go-to jacket until the days get REALLY cold!

{5} 5 favorite beauty products:

And my Mary Kay Satin lips!! Love that lip gloss!