Monday, January 9, 2012


Originally, I was suppose to be in Georgia and South Carolina this week with Shannon and Olivia. Shannon and I were going to look at areas to possibly move to because let's face it, the teaching market up here in New York is ridiculous. I will get a job by the time I am 35. Ha! However, when her dad got sicker and since passed away, she decided now was not the right time to go and I am perfectly okay with that. And I just never deleted my request off on Hot I have a week off from work. I'm okay with that! I am not okay with being asked to cover someone's shift the first day of my staycation. No thank you.

I am finally taking down the Christmas decorations. Yes, I am a little late to the party but I wanted to enjoy all my hard work. It's a process and it's easier to put all the ornaments away and deal with the boxes, plus cleaning up the tree needles once the tree is out at the curb. (I also find it depressing when Christmas trees are out at the curb! Lol it's pathetic). I had 85% of the ornaments taken off and was leaving to go hang out with my boyfriend. I told my older brother Scott, who is handicapped, to LEAVE THE TREE ALONE and to NOT TOUCH the ornaments. What does he do? Take the rest of them off! Ugh, I know he was trying to be helpful because I'll whine no one does anything and I know he has a disability but why can't anyone ever listen to me?! I have my OWN system of doing things and when people mess it up, it pisses me off! I know it's something stupid to whine about and I shouldn't let it annoy me but I just had to whine. Okay, done over. I am hoping to get all the boxes down, ornaments put away, and everything back up in the attic tomorrow...even if it takes me ALL day. Moving on...

Finally got the email that my Erin Condren planner shipped! I am going to be tracking that package like it's nobody's business. I can't wait to get it. Y'all can expect that I'll post pictures. I AM that nerdy!

Plus, the Shutterfly calendars I made for my mom and sister-in-law finally came today. Partly it was my fault for doing them late and ordering them last week...and apparently I think one of the words is missed on my SIL's but I love how it came out! My mom already put her's in her work bag to take to work but here's some of the pages from my SIL's:

I am really excited to go to Cancun later this year. I haven't even gone on my cruise yet with the boyfriend but I am so excited April and I will be going on a trip. I think I'm just going to ask for $ to contribute towards it. Or not go shopping for like the rest of my life, ha! I am finding all inclusive packages for pretty cheap and I just can't wait to go! I am also super excited about my cruise. I already warned the boyfriend I will be very touristy and buy lots of souvenirs...for him to carry back for me. :)

The other day, I got a phone call from one of my old professors from grad school asking if I would come back to the tutoring program. I tutored one student in Fall 2010 as part of a requirement of one of my classes and we "clicked." I tutored her the past year and my professor wants me to come back and do it again in the spring...yay! More money in my pocket! I don't get paid what a normal tutor would get paid but hey, any extra money is cash in my pocket!

Speaking of money, my undergraduate school keeps calling for donations. Thanks to the lovely invention of caller id and the fact that it comes up on the TV to show who is calling, I know when to avoid the phone. But I mean, stop calling twice a day! Get the hint! Finally, my mom picked up the phone tonight when I was out with my boyfriend and told them that I wouldn't be donating to a school that screwed me over because I moved to Spain since the job market is so bad here! I nearly snorted when I read it on my facebook. The guy hung up and hopefully won't be calling back. Thanks mom! :)

When I was in Stop & Shop today, I got myself the newest issue of Cosmo. Dakota Fanning is on the cover. She freaking grew up! WOW! It almost doesn't look like her....hello photo shop. I also got the issue of Self because Jillian Michaels is on the cover and with it being a new year and wanting to look good in a bikini on my cruise, I need some inspiration. Has anyone tried her 30 day shred? Tempted to look into it!

I have one last request for the night before I go eat a plate of pasta because I never ate dinner and I am starving. For those who have been on a cruise, can y'all give me some tips? Things to pack, things not to pack, stuff to do, etc. I'll be on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, Nassau Bahamas and want all the details possible! Thank you! :)

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