Thursday, December 15, 2011


I saw this link up on a blog I started to follow recently and thought it was cute/fun to do.

Linking up with Jenn over at Perfectly Imperfect for Currently...

Current Book(s):
I just did a post on this last night but this is the one I am currently reading:

Current playlist:
- "All I Want for Christmas is You" - Mariah Carey - anything by Taylor Swift really - anything from Glee lately - Justin Bieber's Christmas album -Michael Buble's Christmas album -and I jammed to this on the way to/from school today :)
Current color:
OPI's Quarter of a Cent-Cherry

Current food:
Tositos & Queso. This is dangerous because of PMS and I could eat the entire bag in one sitting!

Current favorite tv show(s):
Never gets old...

Current needs:
- an actual teaching job -to get the Christmas tree up and decorated and all the boxes away after I decorate -to clean downstairs (actually I'd like a maid to do that for me) -to finish switching my summer and winter wardrobes (half of it is on the floor in front of my closet and I dont care anymore lol!) -a little more sleep

current triumph(s):
I just handed in my LAST paper of graduate school! i am done...until i decide in like 5 years i wanna get a TESOL degree current celebrity crush:

current #1 blessing:
- being done with graduate school!

current indulgence:
-all the yummy things I am finding on pinterest!

current outfit:
- VS sweatpants and a taylor swift concert t-shirt

current excitement:
- being done with grad school
-christmas is soon
-i am going on a road trip with these lovely ladies in January

current mood:
-i want to eat everything in sight. and just wanna sleep. oy vey.

current favorite holiday decoration:
-the christmas tree! it smells so good!

current #1 item on your wishlist:
something like this!

current new year's resolution:
- join a gym if i don't get a membership as an xmas gift and work out 3-4 times a week so i can look like this:


  1. Yeay for being done with school!!! I love your blog it's so cute!!!!


  2. FRIENDS never does get old :)

    i read the help a long time ago...not too bad.

    congrats on being done with school!