Thursday, December 8, 2011

Drumroll please....

People, we have PROGRESS here in the department of Christmas shopping! HA!!! I did not have anything to really do today before the tutoring session at 4 with my student and my class at 5:30. Well, that's a lie there's my paper that's due on Thursday but I didn't feel like doing it today. So I went Christmas shopping. Or at least attempted to.

I was successful in Target! My niece/goddaughter Sara got the pillow pet Ladybug last year and apparently now they have mini ones. That was on her list, Target had one left and according to the price scanner, no more in the stockroom. In the cart it went! I also got the boy a Star Wars shirt with Yoda on it for his birthday. It's so hard with his birthday and Christmas being 15 days apart!

Then I still had more time to kill so I wanted to go to the Disney Store at the mall and look. My nephew Steven is pretty much obsessed with Toy Story, anything Disney, action heros, you name it he likes it. Oh wait, he hates arts & crafts. As he said to my mom one night, "Grammy, that's for girls! EWWW!" HEHE. So in the Disney store, they had a remote control Lightning McQueen car from Cars on sale for $20. SOLD! I got their baby sister Emma a Dora toy at Big Lots and I have to get Sara one more thing.

I looked around in Macy's for clothes for my brothers and just to get an idea. I didn't want to buy anything without a coupon. They ALWAYS put coupons in the newspaper either every day or at least a few times a week. I need to go back there. They had cute Coach wristlets in boxes for $48 and you could use the 20% off. Maybe a little present for myself? HEHE.

I just wish I knew what to get people in reality. My brother Brian refuses to give you any help which makes it that much harder! Olivia and I will be going to Roosevelt Field, a bigger mall than the one by us, next week to finish our shopping! :)

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