Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Overload!

Everytime I watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, I crack up at the scene in the picture above. It is one of my favorite Christmas movies along with the traditional "A Christmas Story". Sadly, I didn't watch it as much as I usually do this year but I did record it on my DVR so I can watch it. :)

I literally went to bed at 3am Christmas morning because I was finishing wrapping presents. Note to self - start shopping after Thanksgiving because it makes life SO much easier. Or start January 1st! HAHA. My oldest brother was sitting downstairs waiting for everyone (he probably was up at 5am) while the rest of us were comatose. Opened gifts together as a family and I got SPOILED by my brother Brian. Oh how I can't wait to share it tomorrow in the Show Me Christmas linkup!

After opening presents, Mom cooked breakfast and we went over to my brother & SIL's house to exchange gifts with them. This is the first year I did NOT buy for them but I am making her a calendar as a belated gift. They would prefer us to not buy for them because we either don't make that much money (they still consider me as a student) and they would just rather us spend it on the kids. There were so many gifts we only got through two of the four bags of gifts for the kids. My niece Sara picked out a special gift for me (and her grammy as well) which was three matching crown charms to represent her, her brother and her sister since we both have charm bracelets. I think her favorite gift was the mini Ladybug pillow pet I got her. :) She was so excited.She really isn't big on "toys" because she likes arts & crafts.

Since my mom, my SIL and my niece and I went to church on Christmas eve, we went back to the house and my mom got the cooking done for the Christmas dinner at my aunt & uncle's new house. They literally just moved in on the day before Christmas eve so they still had little pieces of blue tape on their cabinets because there were no handles but it is MASSIVE. So much bigger than their last house. I brought my boyfriend to dinner because his parents were suppose to go to the city since an aunt & uncle blew them off and he was going to be alone. He seemed to enjoy the chaos that is my family. Before I went to the aunt & uncle's, I exchanged gifts with him and he was pretty happy. I got a Pandora necklace from him and this Heavenly Shine perfume from Victoria's Secret, a VS gift set of various perfumes and twilight woods from BBW. I actually asked him "Are you trying to tell me I smell?" and he goes "NO! I just like the way these smell." It's funny because I'll wear a new perfume and ask him what he thinks and goes "I don't know. It smells like girl." Men, ha!

Overall, it was a good Christmas! I enjoyed spending time with family and friends and that's all that really matters. Not the amount of gifts or anything. I am super excited to have some time to myself now that I am done with school and just get myself ready to apply for jobs. Hello being a real adult. Kind of scary!

One of my childhood friends, Alex, sent me a text message the other day that her and her boyfriend were going to be in town this week and if I wanted to meet up to get lunch. I have known her since kindergarten when she had her Sally Jesse red bifocal glasses and I wouldn't give them back to her one recess period. Yes, I was evil in kindergarten. I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw her so at first, I thought she maybe texted the wrong person and asked her that. She was like "No you silly goose!" Hopefully it works out because it'll be fun to meet up and catch up on life!

And on a parting note, I wish facebook would stop changing. The whole "Timeline" thing is creepy and I have not switched to it yet. Nor do I hope they "force you" to change to it. I finally got used to that stupid ticker thing on the side of the page. The "Timeline" thing takes forever to load!


  1. Sounds like an uneventful holiday!!

  2. Yea, nothing too crazy but enough family interaction to last me until Easter!

  3. Glad to hear Christmas was good :)

    I know facebook is getting ridiculous!