Sunday, December 11, 2011


How in the world is it two weeks before Christmas?! When did this happen?! Seems like yesterday I was getting ready for a week in Disney with my friends and now here we are, approaching the end of 2011!

Yesterday was the boyfriend's birthday so I had requested the night off from work. I had to finish a few errands on my way home before we went out to dinner. One of those included going to Target (I swear I am in that store way too much!) and while I was there, my mom wanted me to look for a folding table as a Christmas gift for my brother and SIL. They had one in a box with four chairs that had a sign in front of it for $25. She told me to get it...well, getting that in the cart (or attempting to) was quite the sight! And then it fell off later and some nice guy put it back on my cart for me! :) However, when I went to check out, it rang up as $54.99 and when I mentioned the sign, they checked. Apparently it was either old or put in front of the wrong thing but they gave it to me for $25!!! Nice. Now to just get it out of my car!

The boy and I went to J&R's Steakhouse....all because he had a coupon for a free appetizer. Leave it to him to use a coupon on his birthday. HA! :) And he was happy that I actually ordered a steak because I usually order chicken no matter where we go. I am such a picky eater! And then we just hung out at his house afterwards which is what he wanted to do. He was very happy with his birthday gifts...I ended up giving him tickets to the Devils/Rangers hockey game on January 31, a Star Wars t-shirt and book on Mustangs (because he drives one). Now if I can only figure out his Christmas gifts!

This morning, I took a three hour workshop on Autism as required by New York State for my Special education extension. Let me tell you, I am by no means a morning person. It was torture to sit through it but I am GLAD it is done!

I hand in my LAST paper of graduate school on Thursday. I cannot be more excited! I have to actually park my butt in front of my computer and write the IEP out but it's not that bad. I probably will take my computer with me to my brother's house tomorrow and work on it before the kids wake up in the morning, My SIL's Aunt Dottie had a stroke and passed away last week on Wednesday and she wants to go to the service tomorrow. I just have to wait for the kids to get up, dress them for school/the babysitter and wait til she picks them up at 8:40! Then I can go back to bed for a bit...or just wire myself on coffee and put our living back together so I can take the Christmas stuff down and decorate!

Looking for suggestions for more books to download/buy for my Kindle! I know lots of people said the Hunger Games was really good so I am looking into that. :) Feel free to suggest away!

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