Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm LOVING it!

Hola amigas! Hoy es miercoles! I really wish I could remember how to do the upside down ! points and ? marks on my Macbook pro but alas, I have forgotten since the semester of student teaching. Whoops!

Anywho, it's Wednesday aka hump day aka the middle of the week. Otherwise known as the day to link up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love to show what you're loving!

I'm loving what I got my boyfriend John for his birthday! He spoiled me rotten this birthday (the first time we dated-not so good of a birthday) so I knew I'd have to get him a good present. Considering he does not read this blog at all (that I know of), I got him tickets to a NJ Devils vs. NY Rangers hockey game at MSG! He is going to be super happy (I hope!) I don't really follow hockey but it'll be fun!

I'm loving that I am one paper and one workshop away from being FINISHED with grad school! Holy cow! While I did graduate in May with my Masters in Adolescence Education with a middle childhood extension, it was only four extra classes and a workshop on Autism to get a Special Education extension certificate. I figured, why not? December 11th I take the workshop and December 15th I hand in my paper. I will be SOOOOOO happy!

I'm loving that Jersey Shore comes back to TV on January 5th! People may be horrified about that show but I just can't stop watching it! Snooki cracks me up and I can't wait to see more moments like this:

I'm loving the good deals I got on my niece's birthday gift. My niece Sara (also my goddaughter) wants new plastic playfood for Christmas. My SIL mentioned about the version by Melissa & Doug but I got a 70 piece set for $10 at Big Lots!! So much cheaper than Toys r Us. I finally am happy I am getting a crack on my Christmas shopping. Now if I could just finish my list so my mom can go buy for me!

I'm loving my Kindle! If I get to work early (I did the other day after running errands in that area), I whip it out and read it. I'm in the middle of reading a book about advice for teachers and this quote was in it and I had a good chuckle: "Your class begins to remind you of a bar full of little drunk people. They want constant attention and often don't realize how loud they are talking." Any teacher can relate/understand that!

I'm loving the two Christmas albums I downloaded...Michael Buble's and Justin Bieber's. I may hang my head in shame for J.Bieb's album but it's good!

I'm loving Jenna Marbles videos on YouTube. She is absolutely HYSTERICAL! Check this one out. And incase you're wondering what I'm talking about....

I'm loving that I got to have a skype date tonight with my BFF Stephanie in Georgia! She moved into her first home this past weekend and I am just so happy & proud of her. I cannot wait to see it when I visit in January. :)

I'm loving that Teen Mom 2 is back.
Jenelle is such a trainwreck. I can't stop watching that show. Considering there are no new Grey's Anatomy episodes until 2012, I need something to enjoy watching! :)

I'm loving these cute new PJ pants I picked up today at Old Navy when I stopped in to buy new work pants. So comfy!! :)

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