Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Show Me Christmas - Your Christmas List!

Ever since I signed up on blogger and started this blog almost a year ago, I have become a fan of doing link ups. It's nice to *meet* other bloggers/followers that way and get to know more about people!

With the holiday season about ready to smack everyone in the face, it's time to show what is on your Christmas wishlist this year:
Link up with Becky @ From Mrs to Mama and/or Aly @ Analyze This to participate! :)

So here we go!

External Harddrive. I would CRY the Nile River if all my study abroad photos and everything else were lost. I told the boyfriend this but he can also get me jewelry. :)

I do like my Blackberry. *insert collective laugh here* But I am becoming obsessed with my iPod touch and know I want an iPhone as my next phone. So maybe I'll take it a little early instead of trying for it when my contract is due up in April.

Because these Coach flats are just adorable. And I need to update my wardrobe to be more "I'm in my mid 20's" then "I still shop like I am in college"

A trip to Europe so I can specifically go to France and Italy...two of the places I so want to visit but did not get to while I was studying abroad my junior year.

A maid, because I am tired of cleaning up after myself. Ha! Lord help me when I get my own place.

For my brothers to find their dream jobs. One works for my uncle and really needs to get out of there. The other one wants to do something financial related. Santa, help a girl out!

An actual teaching job so I can utilize my degree. :)

What girl does not love purses? I adore my Coach purses and wouldn't mind having another like this.

And I'll take a gym membership....so I can get a body like that! HOLY COW! No seriously, I do want a gym membership. I miss working out!

These are just some of the DVDs I want to add to my collection! :) Hint to my mother.

In reality, it does not really matter to me what I get. I usually give my mom a list that includes clothes, jewelry, DVDs, etc and I get a good chunk of what I want. Although, a girl can dream and hopefully Santa will listen and bring me what is on my *wish* list! :)


  1. thank you thank you thank you!! i completely forgot i needed an external hard drive... off to call the in-laws!!

    great list!

  2. I made the switch from blackberry to iphone last year and LOVE it!!

    A new Coach purse is also on my list!

    Stacy @

  3. Omg I loooove SVU! Seriously! I miss Stabler now :(

    And girrrrrl, get yourself an external hard drive ... seriously. Go to Best Buy right this second!!!!!

  4. Loving your list especially the Coach flats!!!! I should put them on my wish list as well. I'm a new follower of yours and hope you can return the favor!!!

  5. OMG I cannot wait to see The Help...I started reading the book lol I say started because I am still only 100 pages into it! So I figure I will just watch the movie!

    Those coach shoes are so cute!! LOVING your list!!