Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's OK! Thursday random post

I discovered this link up through another blog I followed and thought it was cute! So link up with Amber over at A Complete Waste of Makeup on this fine Thursday!

IT'S OKAY that I slept in til 10:30 this morning. SO desperately needed it. :)

IT'S OKAY that I plan on getting myself a HUGE coffee and possibly some Taco Bell later (because I've been craving it) later.

IT'S OKAY to roll your eyes at your co-workers when they whine that you're being unfair with the seating and not have to justify it because you're doing your sequence of service and it's not your fault the other server set it up in his section! (Side note - this one server ALWAYS complains I'm never being fair and when I do actually sit him, he bitches and whines. Literally can't make that buttface happy)

IT'S OKAY to want to order yourself a Vera Bradley bag for Christmas because you know your mother won't.

IT'S OKAY to order tickets to the hockey game you're taking the BF to for his birthday so you can go to the game a week later at MSG as opposed to driving to New Jersey. Priorities, people. :)

IT'S OKAY to be addicted to watching Toddlers & Tiaras.

IT'S OKAY to want to buy yourself one little gift while you're doing Christmas shopping. (Happens every year, people!)

IT'S OKAY to be walking around the mess in your room because you're waiting for school to be over to actually clean it.

IT'S OKAY to still be in your pajamas at 11:15am. :)

Time to go be productive so I can do some Christmas shopping before school!

1 comment:

  1. I love taco bell :)
    I totally agree on the buying yourself a gift while shopping for others.
    always happens :)