Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Who can hardly believe that tonight is Christmas eve? I mean, really?! Where did 2011 go?! Last Christmas was nice yet weird because I knew I was having surgery three days after. This year, Christmas feels different. Pizza for Christmas eve dinner! Quite honestly I am glad we graduated from Christmas eve dinner, Christmas day dinner and day after Christmas lunch with the cousin from Maryland. Family overload in three days! Don't get me wrong, love the family. But we're just doing dinner at my aunt & uncle's new house tomorrow. And it doesn't matter about the amount of presents I get or anything..I truly enjoy seeing the joy of Christmas on the faces of my nieces and nephew.

I was trying to burn a bunch of CDs for my mom as her Christmas present (well one of them) because she asked for them. I was doing it last night and it's hard since I have an iTunes library with over 2000 songs, half of which she won't listen to. After the 4th cd, it kept having a "medium write error" as it was finalizing the burning. I was ready to take it to the Apple store next week but my boyfriend told me how to fix it! YAY! Love having a boyfriend who is so tech savvy!

I am so excited to give my room a thorough cleaning...that is super pathetic of me to admit! HA!

Hopefully the boyfriend will be booking our cruise the second week of January. I really can't wait to go and get my tan on! Who does not want to shop for cute summery clothes in January? I mean, they are already putting out the Valentine's candy/decorations in Stop & Shop. So is it too early to shop for summer? NEVER!

I am still missing my grade from my Applied Behavior Analysis class and it is driving me nuts! We took our final at the end of November and handed in our final projects on December 6th. Grades were due 12/22 so why have I not gotten it yet? I still need to "complain" about my other class because it was a WASTE of $3000. I did not learn one thing at all (maybe I said this too loudly one day and thats why she gave me a B+) and got more from my other class which started a month later. I know I am not the only person in the class that feels this way but I do think the dean of the school of ed and the head of the special education department should know. Thank goodness I am done taking classes but I still want to know how I managed to get a B+ when I had all A's in that class. Blasphemy.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! See y'all after the holiday!

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