Sunday, November 6, 2011

sometimes i wonder...

Oh Michel from Gilmore Girls. How that is one of my favorite quotes and how totally true it is what the picture says! Honestly, sometimes when people speak I just look at them with a puzzled expression on my face like "Umm,did you really just say/ask me that?!" For example, in the past few days at work, these are questions/statements I have gotten from people:

1. "Excuse me, what is this line for? Why are there so many people?" (mind you, this is on a a restaurant. ARE YOU FOR REAL?)

2. "I'd like to order the vegetarian pizza." (as I'm walking someone to their table) "Ma'am I'm not your server but I will go get him." (I walked away from the table, told the server and as soon as I am walking back up to the host stand, she is back there) "I'm ready to order!" "Ma'am he is coming over right now." (Geez, has she NEVER been in a restaurant before?!)

3. "Can you take my name down for two and a child for like an half hour?"
"Ma'am we don't take reservations"
"Okay, I'll just come back"....when she does, she is mad she has to wait because we filled up! REALLY?!

4. Someone was sitting in a booth near the bar section where the sun does not shine in....she wanted me to close the blinds. I am sorry, did you want to dine in the dark?

5. "I don't want to sit next to other people." ummm, you're in a RESTAURANT. FAT chance of that NOT happening.

Honestly, there are probably so many more but I just can't believe what comes out of people's mouths at times!

Friday night my friend Amanda came down to visit! I haven't seen her since May so I was super excited! She originally moved to Massachusetts shortly after graduating in 2010 from college (she's a year younger than my friends & I from college) for a job but got her dream job in the city so she moved home a few months ago. So she came down and we went to Dave & Buster's. It was so nice to hang out with her, Shannon, and Olivia. I just love how close of a circle of friends we are. On our way home, we stopped at 7-11 for some more Shocktop (Raspberry and Pumpkin!) and came up with the best tasting food...dipping Combos in queso...OMG SO GOOD! Put it on yo list to try!

Saturday morning was torture because after going to bed at 4am, I had slept in my contacts and my eyes were BURNING. Oh it was not fun to wear. I need to go order them from my contact guy and use my nice credit he got me. Plus, my glasses need to be tightened.

I honestly also just want this week to be over. I see a lot of late nights between tomorrow and Thursday. I have to write a 3 page paper (not too bad) on portfolios in Special Education using sources which is not bad. But also have to do my midterm for that class. And I honestly don't feel like it, ha! I will get it done...I always work best under procrastination/pressure. And I cannot wait to be on Thanksgiving break.

My birthday is so soon! And my boyfriend better live up to the gifts he said he was getting me, ha! He did tell me today that he went to lunch with his friend Mike yesterday(also one of my friends) and then they went to every jewelry store in the mall. Let's hope I like it! I am excited. Not about turning 25 because I am not where I want to be in life but for other reasons. My friend/co-worker Sarah turns 21 on 11/14 and we decided we want to have a joint celebration in the city the night of my birthday! Whatever we decide, I hope it is fun.

Also, say a pray this Saturday. I am taking my Spanish CST test again at the crack of dawn (to me because I am not a morning person!) at 7:45am. I would love to pass it considering if I do, my teaching license will be issued in February 2012. If not, I have to retake it and won't get it until September 2012. BOO. I am going to try to go into this with an optimistic attitude. =) Let's just see how I do.

And I should probably go to bed. I am such a lovely sister/sister-in-law/aunt because I am going to my brother/sil's house at 6:20 tomorrow in the morning to babysit the kids for two hours so my SIL can go to work. My brother went to a Giants/New England Patriots game in Massachusetts with his brother in law and isn't going to be home. So someone has to watch the kids til the babysitter takes them to school. Good old Auntie Kristin steps up to the plate! :) Time to go to bed.

I am super happy we have one more hour to the day. One more hour of sleep will do me wonders!!

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