Friday, November 25, 2011


How do I always manage to get sick before something I have been looking forward to? Today is my friend Ashley's wedding and I am not missing it. If we end up having to leave the reception early, so be it but I have been looking forward to this.

Tuesday, my throat started hurting a little when I was swallowing. That stopped when I woke up Wednesday but then a cough ensued in its' place. I woke up on Thanksgiving and never felt crappier than I did then. I almost considered staying home from Thanksgiving dinner but a warm shower and staying in bed all day until we left was the key to not having to do that.

Last night, I had the worst time falling asleep, which I know is going to catch up to me today. Then when I finally woke up, I sounded like a different person when I tried to talk. My nose is definitely backed up and it still hurts a little bit when I swallow. Of course this would happen today...that is just how the luck in my life plays out. I do have Day-Quil which I plan on taking before the wedding but I hope I am at least able to enjoy it! I was going to go out with my friends tomorrow night but at this rate, I feel like major poo and might just come home and go to sleep after work! I dont even have time for a doctor's appointment until Monday so maybe this will pass. If not, I'll get up early monday and get myself checked out. Say a prayer!

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