Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 years, 3 days...

2 years and 3 days is the age difference between the youngest of my 4 brothers and I. I'm the baby of the family. Brian and I were both born in November. His birthday is November 15th (today!) and mine is November 18th (Friday!). So happy birthday to my wonderful brother, Brian! We may not be interested in the same things (he is totally into politics and finances and I have no clue about it). But I sure as heck know he has my back if anything ever drastic happened in life. He is a self-less and generous individual - case in point, he gave me an ipod touch, a 64GB, as a combined birthday/christmas/graduation gift! And while he is the hardest person to shop for, he refuses to let you give him a gift. So, while it may seem impersonal, the easiest thing to get for him is a giftcard. I think I may do one to Starbucks, since he likes to go there, or Barnes & Noble. I know when I give it to him, he'll tell me I shouldn't have. But I just have to. My brother is an intelligent individual and I hope he finds his dream job of something in the finance world. He's been on a few interviews and I just know he is going to snag something soon.

Happy birthday bro! Thanks for always having my back. :)

Aren't we just adorable? And this is proof I used to have blonde hair, ha!

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