Friday, November 4, 2011

friday, friday, friday!

Praise the LORD it is Friday!! I am not looking forward to working and studying all weekend. Or writing my papers for my Thursday class. Or studying for the CST next weekend. But I am happy it is Friday and I am having a GNO (Girl's Night Out!) after work! Hey, any excuse to dress up in cute clothes is okay in my book. :)

I've read this blog for awhile and always liked her features every Friday entitled "Show Us Your Life." Kelly over @ Kelly's Korner has had features such as showing off your single friends (people have met, dated and married from it!), coupons, homes, etc. This week, it is non-mom bloggers...aka us single gals or married gals sans kids. What a great new way to meet some bloggers! (I feel so stalkerish sometimes reading the blogs and "following.") I figured it'd be a great new way to "meet" some people and what the heck, it's fun! Go over and link up!

And just for some giggles:


  1. have a fun GNO! they are always the best :)

    i linked up with Kelly ,too!!

  2. Hey! I linked up with Kelly, too!
    Just dropping in to say hello and I look forward to reading!! Funny pics by the way :)

  3. Saying hi! I linked up to Kelly's blog and checking out some other non mommy blogs! I love the last picture.