Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tis the season!

I know, I know! It is way way way too early to think about Christmas. I mean, yea the stores have gifts out and with Turkey day next week, everyone is thinking Black Friday deals. I have to say, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I enjoy shopping, wrapping gifts. My favorite part is to watch the "magic" of the holiday unfold in the eyes of my beloved nieces (ages 6 and 2) and nephew (age 5). They're so precious!

And that being said, I have one favorite commercial. In fact, it was just on TV. It almost makes me cry. It tugs at the heart strings. It's the Folger's Coffee commercial with the brother and sister reuniting. Watch it here. Enjoy!

Just for fun, some pictures of recent happenings in the good ol' Empire State! I'll post some more soon when I don't feel like my eyeballs are going to fall out of my head in exhaustion.

When we went to the Yankee/Red Sox Game (boyfriend isn't too happy because he's a Mets!)

Pumpkin Picking!

No big deal. Met Teresa from RHONJ!!! :)

When Steph came to visit! :)

Out in New Paltz with two of my FAVORITE people!

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  1. I know exactly which commercial you're talking about! I love it too!