Friday, January 7, 2011

Money Blues...

I am so excited! On January 16, I am flying with two of my best friends, Olivia and Shannon, from school to Orlando, Florida. We will be meeting two more of our friends from school, Amanda and Zach, to spend a WEEK in Disney World!! I am in need of a vacation for relaxation before I have no life for student teaching. However, with planning a vacation comes those money blues!

I dont make nearly what I made at my last job at my new job. I do get hourly pay and only work about 15-20 hours a week. There are three-four other hosts so we all get the same amount of hours. But, I have to say my spending was a whee out of control from Oct-Dec. Plus, I spent way too much on Christmas (as usual). And as I sit here, writing this, I am thinking of the bills I just paid. And basically how my bank account will probably read $-0.00 when I come back from Disney! EEEKKK!! LOL. Well, I mean, I already paid for my flight & my hotel. That's done. I need to purchase my Disney tickets. 5 days of park tickets = $300. When I think about it, if I bought one each day at the park, it'd be $84 a ticket x 5 = about $150-$200 more then I want! Plus, it'll allow us to go to multiple parks in one day! We are doing a character breakfast Wednesday morning at Animal Kingdom (all other mornings will be on cereal bars which I am fine with!). I am all about saving $$ (when I shop for clothes, I go clearance, sale, full-priced). But I figure, when in the next lifetime will I be able to do this with my friends?!

I think I will be getting some $$ back for my refund from the loans I took out for grad school. Yeah, I know, I have to pay it all back. But hey, if I took it out, I might as well use it to live off of/pay bills until I get an ACTUAL job that helps me make huge payments!

Time to go investigate that aspect. And maybe take down the Christmas boxes so we can de-Christmastize. :( I love that Holiday.

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