Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Low and behold, it did snow!

Wow. Low and behold, it did snow. Long Island got hit with it in various ways. Further out west towards NYC in Nassau got less then us. My town was said to have only gotten 9 inches. And the airport, which is like 5 mins from my house, got 15 inches?! Further out east from me got more snow so Im glad I didnt live there. I've been up since like 6AM because I couldn't sleep thanks to the plows.

One nice surprise was we got plowed out! Our next door neighbor's friend plowed out the end of their driveway and then came to do ours! I was SOOOOO happy! My brothers were inside sleeping and I was trying to shovel my car out to get out to go to work. I nosed my car out so I dont need to reverse out of the driveway. My house is on the corner of my block so when they plow the snow, it ALL gets shoved up at the end of our driveway and in front of our mailbox. Not fun. I'll let my brothers shovel that out this time. The plow guy did this last time with the blizzard after Christmas and we are utterly grateful! Now I can venture off to work (its only 3 hrs but I can use the $$)....that is if ANYONE comes in today. They probably will, knowing how crazy people can be when it comes to hunger.

I'll have to post some pictures later. It's funny. I want to move to Georgia and they got snow. NY has snow. Where can I move with no snow? HAHA. :)

After today, I'm on VACATION!!!! WAHOO!!! If the roads are not too bad, I'm stopping at Target on the way home to get some necessities for the vacation. Travel items and such. Then, I can help mom put the Christmas decorations away (because let's face it, boys aka my brothers won't do it!) and start PACKING!!! :) We (Amanda, Zach, Shannon, Olivia and I) started talking about this vacation in August or September. I can't believe it's FINALLY HERE!!!

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