Saturday, January 8, 2011

Check it off!

So, I made progress from the time I made my last post to now! I didn't know if I was working next Saturday and I was working a double...problem = I have to go to my uncle's memorial service. I found coverage from a nice guy at work named Jase, who is normally a server but decided to help me out. :) Love nice guys like that.

Okay, problem 2. My flight for disney is at 2 something. Problem? Scheduled for another double. Yikes!! Apparently the manager's box who I put my request off in doesn't do my schedule. I didn't know that. So the manager who DOES DO my schedule was in tonight when I was leaving to her and I told her that I needed to not be schedule from 1/17-1/22 since I'd be away. She was like "okay, just leave it in my box" and so I did. PLUS, someone else was nice enough (another host) to take my Sunday double....woot!! PROBLEM SOLVED!

Also gave them my schedule for my student teaching. Check it off! Requested the AM off for my student teaching meeting on 1/26. Check it off! (I normally don't take this much time off from work. I started in Sept and my first request off wasn't until almost mid November!

The request of my stuff on my list will get done...hopefully before I go to Disney. Speaking of DISNEY, I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!! I did just go in June with my BFF April. Now, I'm going with 4 friends from school (3 girls, 1 guy...his GF is one of the girls). We leave 1/16 and come back the end of the week. I think this is exactly what I need right before my life is consumed by student teaching. If I can figure out how to post pictures, I will so do.

And my Kindle...I've neglected reading it. Well, it broke after having it for nine days. So after emailing Amazon and calling them, they overnighted me a new one. LOVE their customer service!! So I FINALLY transfered my content (two books) from the old one to the new one and added a bunch more freebies! Someone posted a lot of books on line that were free and a bunch involved education/teaching. SCORE! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I cannot WAIT to visit my biffle Steph in Georgia. It'll be almost TWO YEARS since I have seen her...why?! I am going either Wed 4/20-4/24 (her bday!/Easter) or Thurs 4/21-4/24. We shall see.

I want more followers. People need to blog more!

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