Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh would you look at that...SNOW!

I am kind of getting sick of waking up and looking out at snow. No joke. I feel like that is all I have written or complained about this month. But let's see....there was the blizzard after Christmas, the blizzard the first week in January, the blizzard the week before I went to Florida (aka when I drove to work and it was closed), it apparently snowed a bit when I was in Florida, and now yesterday. Had there not been hail, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But um, 15 INCHES?!! Where are they going to put it? What stinks about being the corner house on the block is everything gets plowed right at the digging/shoveling the end of the driveway out is annoying. I did it yesterday. SO not doing it today. That's why I have brothers.

So today I WILL finish cleaning my room. I WILL put my laundry away. I WILL find out when I can get to Smithtown and hand in papers for student teaching. I DEFINITELY will be taking a nap. I will also be uploading my pictures from my trip and organizing them, saving the ones from my friends, and ordering prints. Gotta love 13 cent prints from Costco!

I am also finding other blogs and call me weird/stalker/tell me to get a life, but I like reading other people's blogs. I'd love to get more followers, maybe do some sort of giveaway, etc. Change my layout soon. I get layout ADD sometimes and get bored of it easily. Kinda like my purses.

Considering I fell asleep when I wrote this earlier, I am going to go take a nice hot shower. Happy snow day to me!

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