Saturday, January 8, 2011

List, list, list!

I need lists in order to function. Whenever a new school year started in college, I would buy the biggest planner possible because it was basically my life line. I still use one in grad school. Yet, this is more of a list of everything I need to do between NOW and January 31st for everything going on in my life.

1. Find coverage for next Saturday (if I am working) because I have to attend my uncle's memorial in PA. I wish I had of known earlier because it's the day before I go away and I hate taking off too much. I have covered SOOOOOOOO many times for people...maybe someone will be willing to cover for me. If not, I don't think my mother will let me live this down.
2. Give my job my new work schedule. Sayin' goodbye to weekday work days and moving to nights. I hope they're not mad but obviously if I'm at school from 7am-2-3pm, I can't work 12-3. I am going to try to work Fri-Sun and pick up shifts when possible during nights/school breaks.
3. Print off my flight info for my trip.
4. Figure out if I'll be checking in online via my itouch or blackberry or having one of my friends do it for me. I need to do it 24 hrs before my flight and I will be away possibly.
5. Get liquor for the WTF is this liquor party.
7. Interview at the district office for my first student teaching placement! :-X
8. Contact my brother's friend who I'm suppose to have my second placemen with (emailed him once, heard nothing back)
9. Schedule an appt with a pulmonologist...aka lung doctor since it was recommended from my pre-surgical testing chest x-ray.
10. Request 1/26 off for Student Teaching Meeting
11. Get a haircut/colored
12. Oil change
13. Car washed
14. Go through clothes for student teaching.
15. Possibly buy new heels

I feel like there is more to put on it, yet can't think of it! Maybe I should go to bed....I need to be at work @ 11:30 and have to shower and iron my clothes beforehand.

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  1. I am addicted to planners, too. I always have mine with me at all times. It's definitely how I function and stay organized and on top of things, too.

    Holy crap that is a lot to do!!