Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh how I love sleep.

Yesterday I had to work and it wasn't torture like it was on Sunday. Sunday I worked a double and during the day, the servers had their fair share of tables. The night shift, however, was a different story. I think some servers has TWO or THREE tables the entire night. And I mean, I got to go home at 7:20ish when I would have had to stay til nine...it was that dead. Oh well. After working til 3, I went to Pet-Co to get my Betta fish Rick Astley a new bowl because the one I have had since I got my first one back as a junior in college needed to be replaced. Cleaned the kitchen for my mom while she went to WW. I was in bed watching TV sometime after 6 and FELL asleep. No one woke me up for dinner. I heard my mom come in and take my glasses off and shut off my TV. I woke up at 10, got a drink, and went back to bed. I slept until 10am this morning. I have no idea why I was THAT tired but it was one of the best nights of sleep...EVER! My brother was going to do an errand for my mom before he went to work and he goes "Mom told me to make sure you weren't dead in bed or something" because I normally don't sleep from 6pm-10am!

Today's projects involve uploading all 400+ pictures I took at Disney last week and organizing them, laundry (my mom jokes that because of how much underwear I own from VS, I could go a month without having to do laundry but my hamper is overflowing....and I hate going more than a week w/o doing laundry), cleaning my room,etc.

Later, I will be seeing Shannon (aka BUFANDA) and Olivia (BOOFALICIOUS...their new nicknames from the trip) to see Black Swan! I'm excited! Having been a dancer for 13 years makes me want to see this movie so bad for the dance aspect but I also love Natalie Portman and heard this was an awesome flick!

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