Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday's Tidbits

Today's post is brought to you on my two period break on day two of parent-teacher conferences. I am so tired from last night and can't believe we have to do this again. It's just a bunch of random thoughts coming out of my brain...

-I bring a coffee mug in most mornings with me if I dont feel like drinking my coffee at home. Usually I leave it in the room I'm in first period with my coat and get it right before 9th period so I can make like a leaf and leave right after 9th period (otherwise I get stuck behind a ton of buses). First period (just a short while ago), the teacher was like "The mug is back?!" because it was on the cabinet and I said it was mine. She said there was a pink one there for three weeks and that the French teacher took it. I am like 96% sure that I have taken it home EVERY day and never forgot it. If for some reason I did forget it, I think it's just extremely rude of her to take it and if she did, I kind of want it back. She's a little weird so I would not to shallow/petty to ask for it back (because after all, it is a mug) but it's just the principal of the matter! 

-I am way too tired today. Having to be here til 9pm is torture. Especially when no one comes to see the TA's. The kids are torturing us. My head is pounding.

-My mom's mad at me (not really, she says it kiddingly) that I can't do her grocery shopping for Thanksgiving because I have parent-teacher conferences last night and tonight plus then I am working tomorrow night. Oh when is the first day I get to sleep in? THURSDAY. GRACIAS A DIOS!!!!!

-My brother is paying for Merry Maids to come and clean the house (downstairs) for Thanksgiving. That should be interesting.

-I havent been to the gym in almost two months. Maybe I should just cancel my membership. 

-I have no idea what to get ANYONE for Christmas. Actually, I have two ideas for my mom and my SIL but thats about it. Otherwise I am at a loss. This is why I hate having a big family sometimes.

-I wanna go back to Disney World. It is after all, the happiest place on Earth.

-I am coming home and going to bed tonight. I don't even care if I eat dinner...I'm THAT tired! 

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  1. Ahhh staying that late sucks. Makes for long ass days. Almost to thursday, hang in there girl