Friday, November 16, 2012

NYC Getaway!

I am like a chicken with its head cut off! I have had this post written and saved as a draft since Sunday....oops! This is what happens when life gets crazy. 

This past weekend (as in Veteran's Day)was the first weekend since AUGUST that I have taken off!! My boss that actually makes my schedule at the restaurant came up to me at one point in September/beginning of October and was like "You know, you can take a weekend off" lol. So I went into the city to spend some time with my BFF April!

Friday night after school I took the train in and met April in Penn Station. Her boyfriend Dan came and met us for dinner at Las Margaritas near her apartment. It was nice to sit down and get to know him. I'm really happy for her because I told her for the longest time there was someone better out there than the guy she was lusting over (who she is no longer friends with). After dinner, Dan left and April and I hung out at her apartment. 

Found this on our walk Saturday. How cool!

Saturday, we set out on an adventure. We decided to find some "touristy" landmarks. We found the apartment that they filmed outside for Carrie's apartment in Sex and the City, the FRIENDS apartment, etc. We thought the fountain they filmed at/in in the opening credits of FRIENDS was in the city but apparently it was in LA. BOO. 

Carrie's apartment in SATC! 

April and I outside Carrie's apartment! 

FRIENDS streets!

Me with the FRIENDS building in the background

Cute pumpkins in a garden we found on our adventure!

We made some yummy pina coladas with our dinner and then headed off to a Broadway show! Ever since April went to grad school at Columbia, she has this Broadway show list she is tackling and tries to see as many as she can. I always like being able to see one if possible. We got tickets to Katie Holmes' new play, Dead Accounts. It was pretty funny!! Afterwards, we waited outside the stage door (a first!) to try and get her autograph. We got two autographs from the guy that played her brother & her mom. Judy Greer (she was in 27 Dresses) was also in the play but wasn't signing autographs that night. Katie never came out! It was a shame but would've been cool to meet her up close. Al Pacino is in a show on Broadway and it was right across from the theater where we were. We saw him come out, from a far, and sign autographs. His car came right near us and I would've had a great shot...only the guy in front of me's elbow blocked Al Pacino's face!! But it was pretty cool we saw him!

On Sunday, I experienced doing laundry in a laundromat, ha ha. I mean, I guess doing your laundry in college in the laundry room is like that but I would not want to lug it around. Thank goodness I still love at home (even if I pay rent) and don't have to do that. Afterwards, we walked around and did some shopping. April decided on getting two hampsters! That girl cracks me up. She originally wanted a bunny and after visiting this animal control/care place on Saturday, she decided against it and would eventually get a hampster. She got two hampsters, one of which is a bit of a pudge. I know she wanted to name one Brooklyn but not sure about the other!

Overall, it was a great weekend and I really had a nice time. Just what I needed! 

This week is both my brother Brian's birthday (Thursday) and mine (Sunday!!) I am looking forward going out with some friends in the city on Saturday night to celebrate. I can hardly also believe that a week from Thursday is Thanksgiving!! Seriously, where is 2012 going?! All the stores have their holiday decorations up and it kind of creeps me out that Christmas will be here before we know it. Gotta get my mom to finish cleaning out the living room so we can decorate. I am planning on trying to do some Christmas shopping at the outlets next Monday...I have parent-teacher conferences on Monday & Tuesday next week (although I dont think the parents will actually meet with me since I am the TA but I still have to go) and we have a huge three hour break inbetween day & night sessions (Tuesday I have to tutor) so off to the outlets I will go! 

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