Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life's happenings

-So almost a month ago, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. The damage in NJ, NY, surrounding states was astounding. Homes destroyed, landmarks almost gone, people died, etc. No one imagined it'd be that bad. With being off from school for a week or more, districts have to find a way to make up the days because we're required to be in school 180 days of the year. The district I work in was closed for 5 days. We made up one day on Election day so we have four days left to make up and at our last faculty meeting, we were told the tentative dates that we would be in school would be two days of our spring break and two days at Memorial Day. 

Okay, so that's not really a big deal. We have the whole summer off. Many districts are already canceling their mid-winter break that we normally get in February and people are mad. Okay, so if you're mad about losing your break, get over it. If you're worried about vacations, then simply don't send your kids to school. I really don't care if they cancel our winter break or not (according to the local newspaper's article, they say they are considering cancelling ours now). Es la vida!

-My sweet friend Jade from college got engaged last night!! So excited for her and her fiance Matt (who I really have only met once). He gave her such a GORGEOUS ring!! 

-My sweet friend Ashley and her husband Tommy found out the gender of their baby! Ashley & I met in grad school and became really close when we were student teaching in the same school. We've kept in touch, I went to her wedding last year, etc. I am so thrilled for her and Tommy to be having a baby because she will make the best mom. They're having a baby boy!!! I cannot wait to meet that little nugget!!

-My cousin Lisa's fiance Bryce built the bookcase I bought a few months ago from Target. I had a small three shelf one and needed a bigger one to hold all my books and DVDs. I was talking about it at Thanksgiving and he told me to bring it down and he'd assemble it. After 20 minutes, voila! He had it done. I am so thrilled with it:

-I still cannot believe the psycho lady that yelled at me at work on Wednesday. She came up to the host stand to pay her check (I love when people think I have a register up there!) and I had to go have a manager swipe it for me since her server was at another table. I brought it back to where she was standing, said "Here's your card (pointing to it in the slot) and we just need you to sign this receipt." I went to go talk to the customers at the host stand who were asking about the gift card promo when all of a sudden she comes up screaming "YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME BACK MY CREDIT CARD!!!!!!!!!" I said yes I did (because why the heck would I not give it back. She'd see me slip it in my pocket if I was really going to take it) and then she continues to scream at me. I opened up the booth where she was standing over and was looking and she kept going on ranting and screaming that it's her life, why would I take it. My manager Melissa finally came over (she had been in the kitchen and was bringing out food) and basically this lady also ripped off her face. For 45 minutes, she screamed that we stole her credit card and I was told to stay in the office because the lady made me cry because of all her screaming (what can I say...I'm sensitive). The two managers kept asking her if she had checked her pockets and the lady adamantly refused. She even went as far as to ask Will, her server, for the tip she left him back!!! Oh my word, this lady was PSYCHO. Good thing both managers had my back and basically defended me because they knew she was psycho, misplaced her card herself (the only time they keep it is if someone leaves it in a checkbook) and would probably feel like a fool because she probably shoved it in her pocket or pocketbook. I hope I never see her face again!

-TLC now has a new show called "Extreme Cougar Wives." I'll leave you with that image!! 

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  1. That psycho lady at work definitely sounds terrifying...Some peoples kids, right? And people really should get over the whole, making up school thing...Sometimes things happen and you have to make changes. Shouldn't parents know that better than anyone?!