Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas is so close!

Umm, how is Christmas TWO weeks from tomorrow?! Holy cow! I honestly cannot believe 2012 is coming to a close within a few weeks. This year has flown by in some aspects and dragged on in others.

I am super excited there are only 8 more school days after tomorrow. However, I am not excited that one of those school days involves the "lockdown" procedure of what to do incase there was ever an intruder in the room. The procedure seems simple enough but they are doing it between the change of classes so I feel like it is going to be chaos. I really need to find the paper I printed with the instructions because I have a feeling since we had our faculty meeting today, it's coming!!

I am also excited for Christmas break to SLEEP IN. I decided to NOT request any mornings to work during my break so I can catch up on sleep. Smart thinking on my part. Right now I'm average 4-6 a night, depending upon if I wake up or go to bed early. TORTURE. Ha! But that's the choice I made. I am also looking forward to my regular classes schedule. I have my regular kids going "Ms.J, when are you coming back?!" So sweet!

Today after school, I went to the mall to do my Christmas shopping and I was pretty productive!!! I got three of my four brothers done (even though one does not want a gift...he is getting it anyway!!!), my mom and then I bought a new pair of yoga pants from VS with my secret reward. I just have to return something for my niece Sara that she got from a friend for her birthday and get her a few more things (need to go to Target to see if they have the Orbeez foot bath she wants) and then Mark and I am pretty much done!! Minus finishing my mom & grandma's calendars and SIL's scrapbook. The calendars I want to get done this week before Friday because I have a $10 off coupon to shutterfly that expires. I'll sleep once Christmas is over, ha ha! And actually clean my room. Because every time I try, I end up falling asleep! And let's face looks like a BOMB went off in here. I can't even wrap gifts in here.Some MAJOR cleaning needs to be done!

My nephew is obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is so funny how things that were popular when I was younger or my brothers have come back! I used to remember LOVE watching the movie. He is getting the sewer lair from his parents for Christmas and has all the power sound FX guys. He's just looking for Splinter and I have spent hours looking like the good aunt I am for it and I am convinced they only make the mini one. I found one that is cheaper on ebay then amazon and is new in package so let's see when it comes! 


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  1. Sounds like you were productive at the mall! I need to get there soon