Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is probably one of my FAVORITE holidays. It's not about finding the perfect gift (although I love when that happens). It's about spending time with family and loved ones. My favorite Christmas memories are the sheer joy on my nieces' and nephew's faces when they open their gifts. Christmas through the eyes of a child is so special.

Last night we went to my aunt & uncle's house (which is like in the BOONIES) because theres all trees around it. It was nice and relaxed. I came home and must have spent 5 hours wrapping gifts. Wait til you see the picture of me with ALL the gifts wrapped under the tree. Let it be known I didn't wrap my own but did wrap my sibling's gifts to each other and our nieces & nephew.

I slept in this morning til probably about 10:15 and about a half hour later, started opening gifts. We're all at the age in my house where we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to open gifts. I definitely got spoiled though! One brother, Brian, gave me the matching MK wallet to my purse from last Christmas!!! And my brother Eric gave me a Coach bag...TOTALLY didn't expect it. They both said "This is for being a good sister." It's nice to know they appreciate you.

Later, we are going over to my brother's house to celebrate with them & the kids. I wonder how many cars it will take to get all the gifts over. One year, it took THREE cars. Apparently my niece took her own money and bought me a gift at the craft fair at school...god do I love that kid! It may be a little knick-knack but still she's so sweet.

I need to enjoy today despite the fact that my throat hurts and my nose is plugged....I get to work a double tomorrow! Wahoo!

So Merry Christmas everyone!! While I hope you are all spoiled, remember this day and why we celebrate it. Cherish the time with family and friends. They are what the season is all about! 

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