Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Ever have one of those days when you feel like NOTHING is going right, your brain feels frazzled, and you're trying to keep everything in so you don't lose it? Or so you don't cry? Wish you could go back to bed and get up to have a do-over on your day?...

Yeah, that was totally me TODAY. I think I mentioned that one of the teachers I usually work with (I work with 4 different ones between 6 periods) got a summons for grand jury duty. She was not thrilled....then again, who is excited to get jury duty? So they made me her sub and got a sub for me as my TA position. 

She left me the plans for the three weeks (basically until we go on break for Christmas). All the homework seems to line up but the material for the actually class does not seem to match up. I feel homework should be reflective of what you taught in the class so the students could practice it. Makes sense, right?

Well, the other classes are having a test Thursday and they need to because the quarter ends January 25th and they have to take a quarterly exam about a week after we return to school from break. So sometime between now and Christmas, they need a test. Well, I was not told common planning was 4th period on Tuesday until the last FIVE minutes of it today. At least now I know for next time. During my lunch 7th, I talked to one of my other teachers and basically had a mini-freak out. Their stuff is not lining up with the other classes and I feel like they are going to fall behind.

Mainly, I felt like what I was doing was "filler" stuff. I think it was meant so I wouldn't actually have to plan a lesson but I still have to find something to use to teach it! So one of my teachers came and took the plans to take to the common planning period 9th that she and another teacher meet. Afterwards, they called me up and the department chair (also the assistant principal) was there. All three of them helped me and told me not to worry. I so greatly appreciate it from each one of them. A copy of the test should be in my mailbox when I go in tomorrow morning and I got stuff to make the kids review for the next three days. The kids are not going to be happy because they usually watch movies on Fridays after their quiz. Oh well. The only thing is I am pretty 99% sure positive I left the vocab quizzes & sheets I was showing them in the room.  I did not realize it until I got to my tutoring job. I had emailed all three of the ladies that helped me to thank them and asked if they put them back in the room I am in or my mailbox. I just PRAY they did not get throw out. Otherwise, I am screwed. I think they would've put them away for me.

I feel better now that I have a better grasp as to what to do. I just felt so lost. It's exciting yet when you're not sure WHAT to be teaching to make sure the kids are on par with all the other classes, it gets tough. For the 7th grade, they seem to be lining up and I am going to check with my teacher that I normally work with 9th tomorrow during 2nd period. I have something for tomorrow but I want to see what else to do. I know they can't tell me what to do but if they can at least guide me, it'll give me an idea of what to do. 

It may seem like something stupid to over feel but I just want to be on my game. I was so frustrated 7th I just lost it (one of the kids in 8th asked why my face was red and I said allergies) but at least now with this game plan, I will be okay. Thank god I have such awesome co-workers. Now if i only had about 5-10 more hours in a day to catch up on things, I will be okay!

The only bright side to my day was waking up and seeing that they had the backpack on sale on Vera Bradley for $34 and they're normally over $80!! I left school and was quite content that I had ordered one this morning. 

13 more days....not that I am counting or anything. Ha ha. 

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