Saturday, August 18, 2012

Really now...

I applied for my Special Education certification back in April. April 16th to be mom's birthday. New York state only issues certification in February and September so I figured it'd be at least September when it was issued....NOT! I am so glad I paid $100 and it is just NOW ready for review four months later! I sent in my transcripts and I am praying that they don't tell me I need any classes in any areas because I'll flip if I do. I am actually glad I checked for it. 

Today, I tried to schedule my follow-up appointment that I didn't know I needed at the lung doctor. I can't see my specific doctor until September 28th! Holy crap! At least I got it in before my insurance runs out.

Until today, I really had never heard of Alex's Lemonade Stand. I walked into work tonight and there was a giant box of bright yellow t-shirts for it in the office. Apparently my job (CPK!) is getting involved in a fundraiser for it and 100% of the proceeds from all our lemonade sales from Mon-Thursday next week will go to this cause. And it is a great one because it is for childhood cancer. And hey, I get a free shirt out of it. I love free things! We wear this for four days, go back to our black button downs for 3 and then go into our new promotional shirts for the new menu rollout for three weeks. If you feel like supporting a good cause next week, go to your local California Pizza Kitchen and get a lemonade! 

I am also probably the only person under the sun that does not understand the excitement regarding shark week. I honestly could care less! 

Part of me wishes I was going back to some way. It's crazy to think that it was seven years ago(!!) that I was going off to college. SEVEN YEARS! Where has my life gone? People said college was the best four (sometimes five) years of your life and it certainly was. I went far enough where I felt like I was on my own but still pretty close to home (about 2.5-3 hrs). I made some amazing friends and I am forever blessed in that regard. Who knew I would go to college and be best friends with someone who lives 5 minutes in one direction from me and 15 in the other direction? My friends and I had such insane times. The nerdy part of me actually misses being in class. I wish I was taking more grad classes or something. Or even getting my own room set up. That day will come eventually...just have to keep praying hard! 

And just because I love Pinterest and the crazy things I find, I will leave you with this gem for the night!