Sunday, August 12, 2012

Random Thoughts

One thing people tell me that they love about me is I am so random at times that I crack people up. Most of the time my mouth has no filter....which can either be really funny, really inappropriate, or you question what I just said. And since usually I am so random, I often have a lot of random thoughts in my head.

I have worked the past 5 days straight (like a normal Mon-Fri job except it was Tues-Sat). Today was a day off. The boyfriend and I decided to go out to the outlets to do some shopping. As we get there, I get a text from a girl I work with, asking me if I would wanna work tonight. My response was "Absolutely not. LOL" I just get annoyed that I am always asked 2-3 hours before the shift starts. She was suppose to work last night, swapped a shift with someone to not work and then she doesn't wan to work this shift? Oh I am sorry. I'm not rearranging plans because you don't want to work. Don't get me wrong...I want to work and want money....I just don't need EVERYONE's shifts.

I am going to be flaming red hot mad if I can't figure out how to put my bookshelf together! I bought a new bookshelf from Target in white for my room that is taller than the current one I have. Although it required assembly, I figured that if I could figure out how to put my desk chair together, I could do this. I sat for an hour and a half trying to get a screw to go into another piece of the shelf and gave up! So much for easy assembly! I figured I'd see if I could use a screw gun as opposed to screw driver...nope, there's a big no circle on it in the directions. Who do I ask? My boyfriend. He has to install stuff for work all the time so I figured he could do it for me! Let's see. I am so determined to figure this out!

Also, why is is extremely difficult for me to have the motivation to clean my room? Or do laundry? Or find my other pair of pants for work. I need to do the above mentioned before I go to work tomorrow because let's face it, it looks like a bomb went off in my bedroom. I bet if I clean it, it'll last 2 days. HA!

I am excited to work my first solo take-out shift on Wed! I just hope I don't mess anything up! Tomorrow is sort of a test-run...I have someone on with me as backup.

I just finished Emily Giffin's "Where We Belong" and it left me with such a happy feeling. Is that weird for a book to do that? I often feel sad sometimes after finishing a book (like 50 Shades!) but this was good. It got me thinking about a lot of things in life and made me question "Where do I belong?"

I applied for two more jobs but need to write cover letters for them! And I also need to revise my resume for the resume consultant I have. Ugh, so much to little time. I think I am going to actually try going to bed before 2am for once and get up early to do everything I need to do! 

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  1. Good luck with your resume stuff. That is not fun. New follower!