Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's Misc.

-You know you've been at work too much to have customers appear in your dreams! Oh man, I need to have a day off (tomorrow!). I work up at like 7:30am this morning to myself talking out loud from my dream (I once screamed out in college my first year "Keep your pants on!" from a dream). At least I am not working until tonight.

-I don't think it would've been fair for me to leave at 8 and leave all the servers to do the menu rollout for today. We basically were throwing out all our old menus and the holders since CPK is now printing on recycled paper. For wanting to go green, this is an EXCELLENT way to kill more trees! When you put the menus on the bar, it looks like nothing is there! At least we get to wear jeans today. That I'm excited about!

-I am a big nerd in the fact that I am so upset I can't go back to school. Seriously, who gets upset about that?!

-My brother needs to not ask me to borrow everything in my life. I worked my butt off three years ago to buy my own MacBook pro and you want to borrow it for a fantasy football draft? Go get your own! I have helped him out ENOUGH times so no means no.

-Why can't my closet contain outfits like the ones I pin on Pinterest? Seriously, it would make my life a whole lot easier when it came to getting dressed!

-One of my friends did the color run on Sunday in Brooklyn and I totally want to do it next year! Who has done it? I am by no means a world class runner and would probably die halfway through. But Bethany said that a lot of people walked it. I think it's something worth looking into!

-Snooki gave birth to her baby boy, Lorenzo. I can't wait to hear about how she does as a mother. I think she'll be good! And I am more importantly excited that Jersey Shore returns October 4th! SCORE!

-I need to go catch up on Teen Mom since the finale is this week! I think when Dance Moms came back, I got sidetracked and would forget that Teen Mom was on. Haha quality tv right there!


  1. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much!


  2. Dance Moms is my FAVORITE show!! I seriously cried during the last episode when Nia was team captain again AND won a scholarship for "Most Improved Dancer" Get it, Nia!

  3. I just started watching Dance Moms, it's addicting, and yet so bad lol.

  4. I was horribly sad and disappointed those 2 years I couldn't find a teaching job. This is my last year at my school, so I know it'll hit me again next fall!
    You're not alone in your nerd-dom :)